Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle Opportunity

affiliate marketing lifestyle opportunity

Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle Opportunity – What’s The Deal?

affiliate marketing lifestyle opportunityThe affiliate marketing lifestyle opportunity is open to all. It’s probably the simplest way to escape the 9-5 or rat race as it’s often referred to. It’s a life I’ve been living for 18 months as I write this. But what’s it really like? In this post I’ll offer my own experience of the affiliate marketing lifestyle. I’ll  point to some resources that really helped me get started.

A brief explanation of affiliate marketing would probably be a good starting point. Put simply the affiliate marketing business model is where you promote and sell other peoples products and services online. The advantages are obvious:

Affiliate marketing Lifestyle Advantages

You don’t need your own products or services.

All of the marketing materials like websites, banners, copy and sales funnels are done for you.

Depending on what you choose to promote there can be residual (recurring) payments that are essentially passive income.

The affiliate marketing lifestyle opportunity this offers comes from the nature of online business itself. It can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. You don’t need much more than a laptop. The internet is a global marketplace that never sleeps. That means you don’t need to be physically present to be making sales income.

So that’s the concept. It really is simple – simple but not easy. No real business is easy but affiliate marketing is by far the best model to start from scratch with. Many people just stay with affiliate marketing and add more and more products to their portfolio. Others use it as a starting point and go on to create their own products. It’s a very flexible business model.

A Life Changing Model

For me the affiliate marketing lifestyle opportunity has been life changing. I was made redundant at the ‘tricky” age of 48. I’d seen how quickly the internet economy had progressed since my twenties.  I’d done a fair bit of research into it. The benefits of owning an online business with the modest funds I had available were obvious.

affiliate marketing lifestyle opportunityI realised though that I would need to re-educate myself. Just like learning any new trade.  The potential rewards both financial and in terms of time freedom made digital marketing the most attractive trade to learn in our current times.

Since getting started I must admit that until now I haven’t really taken full advantage of the affiliate marketing lifestyle opportunity. I’ve mainly worked from my home office. That in itself has been great – no commuting, no boss, no fixed hours. But I’m about to take that to a whole new level.

Ultimate Flexibility

I have occasionally worked from other countries and towns – just to assure myself that it’s entirely do-able. There’s no worry about how the business will run without you being there when you can just take it with you. There’s no need to book time off to travel or to fit in with anyone else’s plans. So my partner and I are about to take a big step forward. We have sold our house and are moving to a little seaside town for a six month trial period. Just to see if we like it enough to stay there more permanently.

At present my partner runs a driving instructor business. I’ve been able, through digital marketing, to grow her business quickly where we live now. She can do business anywhere there are enough people and I can build the business for her anywhere. That’s the plan anyway. It’s both thrilling and scary in equal measure but the point is – it’s entirely possible.

How To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Through the online business community and mentorship platform I use to run my online business I’ve met a lot of people who are living their own versions of the affiliate marketing lifestyle opportunity. They are a constant inspiration to me.

Some of them travel extensively for long periods of time at the drop of a hat. They do house swaps all over the world.  As long as they make sure the internet connections are good, they can run their businesses seamlessly.They buy one-way tickets as sometimes they bounce on somewhere else instead of back home in between swaps.

Others just want to be home based, able to take long breaks or spend more time with family. Others go on long spiritual retreats. Basically you can live a very bespoke lifestyle with an online business.

I promised to share the resource that got me started. I use it on a daily basis to run and grow my affiliate marketing lifestyle business. It’s a combination education, digital business system and high commission affiliate business rolled into one.

Introducing The One Stop Shop

They are called The Six Figures and Digital Experts Academy. Created by two of the world’s most successful internet marketers they provide a one stop shop for digital entrepreneurs. Everything you need to get started and to run your affiliate marketing lifestyle business on an ongoing basis.

You can get their free 7-day introductory video series by clicking the banner below and signing up for it.

affiliate marketing lifestyle opportunity

By Dave Menzies