Building An Online Business Simply

building an online business simply

Building An Online Business Without

The Overwhelm

building an online business simplyBuilding an online business seems like a daunting proposition when you first look at it. There’s a ton of components to it for a start. You need websites, landing pages, autoresponders, sales funnels, graphics, links, advertising, social media to name a few. Each of these areas support separate side industries that are ready to sell you “must have” tools, resources, training courses and gizmos. It becomes overwhelming. Sourcing all the components need for building an online business individually is a pain. Luckily you don’t have to.

I’d have given up on the idea myself had that been the only option. I like a simple life which is the main attraction of an online business in the first place. You don’t want to be logging into and out of a hundred different sites, applications and tools when you’re working. I want to get my work done as quickly and efficiently as possible so that I can fully enjoy the fruits of the online business lifestyle: Time, location and financial freedom. So finding a single  platform that makes building an online business simple – one that not only provides all the nuts and bolts but also the training (in a format I could absorb easily) in how to use them – was a lifesaver for me.

The Online Business Pedal Board ?

building an online business simplyBefore I go into more detail here’s an example of what I mean. As a guitarist I have amassed a load of effects pedals over the years. I would much rather have just used one of those multi effects boards that had everything in one simple box. Actually I have owned a few. I always found that I’d get tied up in learning how to navigate complicated menu systems. I’d spend more time fighting through 300 page user manuals than playing. So for an easy life I’d be the guy lining up all my pedals in front of me and cabling them all together. On/off – simple.



But this weekend having noticed how user-friendly technology in general has been getting, I decided to investigate multi effects units again. Guess what? They’ve got simpler. After some online research I bought one and put all my pedals on Ebay.

I can’t help making the comparison between that and the resource I use for building an online business -hence this post. After a couple of false starts with an online business I discovered SFM. In their free intro video series (which you can grab at the foot of this post) their founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, explained how after building extremely successful internet businesses themselves the hard way, they saw a gap in the market.


building an online business simplyIf they could bring all the components an internet business needs into one place, create training programmes based on their own experience and provide mentorship at various levels, they’d really be able to help a lot of people get started. If they could also run this as a community and offer franchise like business partnerships then students could earn as they learned.

They were right. SFM and partner organisation DEA has now helped thousands of individuals to create profitable lifestyle businesses. They host numerous live and online events, workshops and masterminds across the world and have attracted an enviable team of intrapreneurs to provide high-level support to their membership.

Flexibility is a key element of SFM and DEA’s approach. They focus on the universality of online marketing skills rather than on any particular online business model. The SFM’s digital system is geared towards affiliate marketing and provides tools that are transferable to any product or service. Members can also earn commission as SFM affiliates.

Building An Online Business With Flexibility

DEA offers 4 levels of partnership – like franchises but without a lot of the restrictions, costs and tricky contracts. Each level offers enhanced training and extremely generous reseller commissions. Their silver level contains a superb e-commerce training programme for those interested in selling physical products online. Platinum offers a bespoke personal branding workshop. Black puts you at the top of the tree in terms of mentorship and income potential. A Black level DEA partner earns around $10k on a Black sale.

If you are interested in building a highly profitable internet business – and why wouldn’t you these days? Register for the SFM free video series below for more detail.

building an online business simply