Building A Personal Brand In Online Communities

Building A Personal Brand In Online Communities

personal brandSo today I’m taking part in a webinar as part of the panel. This is a first for me and I’m looking forward to it. The subject today is building a personal brand and the webinar is being led by some of the Six Figure mentors community. As we are becoming a vey interactive community of digital entrepreneurs I wanted to get involved and hopefully offer whatever value I can to the discussion.

I have blogged before on the power of community but this particular online business community continues to blow me away. It’s the sheer dedication to building momentum, supporting, mentoring and growing as a group of people aiming for the same result but in individual ways. What is this common goal?  – Living the laptop lifestyle.

If that’s a phrase that turns on your cynical antenna I can understand why – or more accurately – I would have understood why a year ago. At that point I had been making my main income from an online business that had been going well but ran into problems. Although that business had and has a community of sorts it’s nothing like this one. In fact I’m tuned into a webinar about that business as I write. Who says men can’t multi-task!

The Strength Of Online Communties

The strength of a community comes from the sum total of all the varied, skills, talents, experiences and collective wisdom of it’s members. When you put all of this together and point it at a shared goal you can’t really go wrong. With the SFM/DEA community we also have amazing leaders – both within the community and with the founders of the business itself.

In fact the creation of a dedicated community of learners and earners was the idea in the first place – a degree of self-help and internal mentoring just encourages entrepreneurialism after all.

online communities

You would possibly imagine that the sort of people interested in creating a sustainable internet business would be of a certain type. Maybe you are imagining geeky, technical people but that’s really not the case. Neither is anyone here interested in get rich quick schemes or any of the other misconceptions that people have about making money online and online communities.

Everyone Has A Personal Brand With A Fan Base

In recent years the internet has become so accessible – so user-friendly that pretty much anyone can learn to work online. Because of this it and by the nature of the internet itself – a world wide 24/7/365 marketplace where people happily buy goods, services, information and training – it offers a very different way of doing business, earning money and taking control of your life. This has mass appeal.

So when age, background, technical experience, language, mobility are no longer restrictions (in fact can be advantages) The possibilities for those who are willing to learn are quite incredible.

This is actually where the personal branding bit, which is the subject of today’s webinar, comes in: An internet business allows people to play to their strengths, to attract the kind of customers that can relate to them and that they can relate to. When you think about it we are all a personal brand to those that already know us – internet marketing lets you get that brand out to an almost inconceivably wider audience.

Learn more about the SFM and DEA business, online community, ethos and mindset by getting yourself some complimentary videos on the link below that will open your eyes somewhat I think…

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