Buying Refurbished Electronics

Buying Refurbished Electronics


buying refurbished electronics

Buying refurbished electronics can be a great way to get almost new technology at way lower than cost price. I’ve bought a refurbished ipad and a refurbished Macbook pro via Apple as theirs come with a one-year guarantee. Both have been faultless so I was delighted when Amazon announced their new certified refurbished store.

As someone who already buys the vast majority of my stuff from Amazon (I live in a fairly remote part of Scotland) I’ll be taking full advantage of this new addition.

Amazon have a superb reputation for prompt delivery, customer protection and no quibble refunds. That makes buying refurbished electronics from them pretty safe. They offer a 1-year limited warranty “which does not affect customers’ statutory warranty rights and gives the customer the right to return or replace the defective product without any shipping or material handling fees during the period of coverage.

Great Savings On Big-Ticket Items

buying refurbished electronicsSome of the categories included are PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, Video Games, Kitchen appliances. So if you’re looking for a new Macbook or Iphone 7 and want to save a hefty chunk of cash this could be a very good bet. How about a 64gb Iphone 6 for £419 for example.

When you are buying refurbished electronics, certification from Amazon means they meet strict standards as “Like new”. In some cases, as with refurbished Apple gear this could mean simply that the original box has been damaged.

The Amazon Safety Net

Obviously you can buy second hand electronics privately but then you seldom have any kind of comeback. When it comes to high-ticket items I’d personally rather have a weighty guarantee behind my purchase. That’s what you’re getting when you buy certified refurbished on Amazon.

Amazon’s warranty on these refurbished goods also covers goods offered by their qualified resellers not only those offered by Amazon retail. I only wish they’d done this sooner as I’ve just bought some business related electronics. Never mind though, my electronics-shopping list soon fills up!

I’d thoroughly recommend buying refurbished electronics through this portal. They are good as new – often completely new – and the savings can be considerable. Visit Amazon’s certified new store by clicking on the link below and see if there’s a bargain waiting for you.

buying refurbished electronics