Commuting v Working Online From Home

Commuting v Working Online From Home

At he Six Figure mentors Momentum day in London last month I was chuffed to meet a lot of fascinating people. Amongst them were a couple I’ve admired since becoming part of this business and community . Greg and Fiona have taken on board all of the SFM and DEA training and have built an amazing income and more importantly lifestyle by working online from home with digital marketing.

working online from home

Greg and Fiona with Jay Kubassek at SFM momentum day 2014

Having suffered the humiliation of redundancy (whilst on holiday) they decided it was time to get with the digital economy and make sure they never again were in the position to have this happen again. A sentiment I can totally relate to.  Their story since making that decision is told in their book – Living The Laptop Lifestyle – also the name of their business and currently on Amazon’s bestseller list. The book is a fascinating story about the joys of working online from home – from anywhere in fact.

I subscribed to Greg and Fiona’s list some time ago and look forward to their newsletters and training videos eagerly. I’d like to share some stuff from their last email, which I received yesterday. This was in the form of a video they shot whilst walking through a London park en-route to a regular SFM mastermind session which the host every week.

Costs of Working Online From Home?

They talked about the upcoming London tube workers strike over a proposed ticketing system that could see the loss of 950 jobs. This, like the 3700 people who may lose their jobs with Barclay’s bank is sadly the price of progress but in that very progress lies huge opportunity to work online in the digital economy.

Aside from the above, Greg and Fiona’s post basically outlined the cost of commuting to work versus the costs of working online from home – home for these two by the way is wherever the want to be: They truly live the laptop lifestyle by doing house swaps all over the world for months at a time since all they need to generate income online is a laptop and a decent internet connection.

All You Need To Generate Income Online Is A Laptop And A Decent Internet Connection.

Although this is specific to commuting in and around London via public transport, G&F have calculated the cost of at £205 a month. The cost in time out of your life in the=is situation being 60 hours per month.  Pretty heavy stuff considering that there is a lot of evidence to suggest that 90% of workers are deeply unsatisfied with their working lives – £200 a month and 3 hours a day out of your life to be chronically unfulfilled ??????

Compare this then to working online from home which is easily possible in the digital world when you know how. Your commute is measured in seconds or minutes, you can wear what you like, exercise when you like and holiday when you like – more or less permanently in their case (although “work” is involved)

working online from home

A few years ago this might have seemed like an impossible utopian dream but not now. You can be in business and working online from home in a matter of hours these days (in any niche you want or like) and with the right training, focus and systems can be in profit very soon.

And the cost of learning to do this with the SFM?

The Six Figure Mentors system can teach you how to set up your own online business, with no prior experience and with no need for a product to sell, for only $97 a month and it takes roughly three hours a day, part time, or 60 hours a month, to get going! Far less than the cost of traveling to work ! and you are working from the comfort of your own home.

To find out more, discover how you can leverage the internet and become an affiliate marketer like Greg and Fiona and me, take a test drive of the Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System for $29.95.

That’s the price of two days commute, or 6 cups of coffee, or an outing to the cinema for two. Not much really.