Creating a Sustainable Income Online


Creating a Sustainable Income Online – Visionary Call Part 2 

Creating a sustainable income online is done by developing multiple income streams. Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly the best way to do this. The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy already provides the training on how to do this as well as a turnkey high ticket affiliate business. It also has a number of additional residual income streams built in but thats about to become  a whole lot better …

On Friday’s monthly founders call which was actually part 2 this month, Stuart and Jay explained to the SFM/DEA family exactly what they’ve been working on. The heart of their training is the emphasis on creating a sustainable income online by learning the trade properly. On this call they announced the fact that they are going retail with a number of high demand internet marketing tools.

As usual with the groundbreaking vision they have their is a twist. Rather than making these retail products available for promotion by anyone they are been provided exclusively to SF members. What does that mean?   

It means that you no longer have to be an SFM or DEA member to buy and use these products – they will be available to the public from September – but you do have to be a member to promote them for residual income streams.

Like most of the must have internet marketing tools currently on the market these are tools that carry a monthly subscription. As an affiliate then each offer a month;y residual income – a percentage of the customers monthly fee.

Given that each individual product has the potential to generate a great income on their own and that there are 5 products with more on the way this is exciting news.

This is how start creating a sustainable income online. You market low cost but invaluable products alongside your main businesses thus creating regular “bread and butter” income.  If those main businesses happen to involve digital marketing training their is an obvious link from one to another.

So you also have multiple pathways to your main business.


Creating a Sustainable Income Online

creating a sustainable income online







By Dave Menzies