Creating More Time In Your Life

Creating More Time In Your Life

creating more time in your lifeCreating more time in your life – I mean decent amounts of it sounds like an impossibility in this age of compulsory business doesn’t it. Yes we can shave a few seconds or minutes here and there – maybe even hours if we’re lucky but seldom in a way that would allow us to really focus on a passion as much as we would like.

If you are creative person – a musician, writer or painter say, then creating more time in your life is probably like searching for the Holy Grail. Creativity takes time after all and in an ideal world I mean genuinely free time; not time that has limit – a price to pay.

You might argue that you thrive on pressure – on the fast approaching deadline and that creating more time in your life would be counter productive. That’s still Ok, me too but that’s the short term view of creating more time in your life. I’m talking about more time in general – big chunks of the precious stuff.

Creating More Time In Your Life – Lots More

I got to thinking about this when I watched a video recorded by a digital entrepreneur yesterday. He referred to the 40/40/40 syndrome: This is the way most people’s life run when they stick to the standard way of life; 40 years of working 40 hours a week then having to live on 40 percent of the income you have been used to. Scary.

What I mean by creating more time in your life is planning your escape from this rather depressing pattern. Timothy Ferriss writes about this in his book the 4 –Hour Work Week as do Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek and many other modern entrepreneurs. Robert Kiyosaki sums it up well when he says that business owners go to bed with the knowledge that they are making money as they sleep.

Nowadays Creating More Time In Your Life Is Easier

Nowadays creating more time in your life – lots of it – by making money in your sleep is very achievable in the digital economy when you run an online business or businesses. As Stuart Ross frequently points out, the actual work involved doesn’t and shouldn’t take much time at all. The creative side of it takes a bit longer but it’s nothing like the 40/40/40.

Think of it like this. When you have adverts running, banners placed in strategic places, blog posts, videos and auto responders sending out emails to lists of people all over the world, most of the donkey work is being taken care of for you. You don’t need to be physically present at all times.

The work is at the front end – the creative end where you do your research, find ways to provide value and put together the content. After that it’s basically out there working for you.

Entrepreneurs in this digital age find ways of leveraging technology to do the time consuming stuff. As the business builds, they outsource more and more of it. This is just the modern version of what business has always been about. Creating more time in your life is almost an inevitable by-product of an online business.

If you want to learn how to go about creating more time in your life to spend doing the things that make life worth living for you then catch the free SFM video series by clicking the link below and signing up for them.

creating more time in your life