The DEA Gold Membership Advantage

The DEA Gold Membership – Yeah Baby !

DEA gold membershipMost members of the SFM and DEA digital marketing business community will tell you that the community-based style of the business is what sets it apart. That coupled with the quality of people it attracts and the access to some pretty incredible mentors that comes with a DEA Gold membership is the subject of this blog.

Having been a partner member of the SFM and DEA for just over a year I decided recently to upgrade to the Gold level – I’m seeing the benefits of that decision already.

Through my DEA Gold membership (I know – visions of Austin Powers Yeah?) I have direct access to some incredible mentors on a one to one basis via Skype calls. I can book these whenever I need a hand, advice, tips or help with specific areas of business.

The way this works is that I access their online diaries and book one of the available timeslots they have. I add a note about what I need help with and they call me on Skype at the appointed time. I have three highly qualified, very successful experts to call on in this way.

 Gold Membership Mentors 


Greg and Fiona Scott

Earlier this week I spoke with Greg and Fiona Scott AKA The Laptop Lifestyle Experts. They were calling from their home in London but as they travel extensively (hence the strapline) the call from wherever they happen to be. They are off to NZ for a few months shortly for example.

I had a question about setting up a Facebook tracking pixel on one of my non-SFM website businesses. By sharing my screen with them they showed me how to find and install the WordPress plugin I needed. They also took me through the entire process within my Facebook, WordPress and Aweber accounts. Job done and another thorny problem dealt with!

DEA Gold Membership

James Holmes

Yesterday I had a consultation with another Gold mentor (Austin Powers nicely swerved there!) James Holmes. I’ve spoken to James a few times – He’s a US based affiliate marketing expert, speaker and long time associate of Stuart Ross who sought him out as a DEA Gold membership coach.

I was asking James about podcasting – an area I’m looking at getting into. Since James has over 400 archived podcasts on blogtalk radio, he’s definitely the man to ask. His podcasts include interviews with some very well known sports people, business and life coaches (like Anthony Robbons) and a host of internet marketing “Gurus”.

He pointed me to an interview he did with Stuart Ross back in 2010. James and Stuart had been colleagues in Your Net Biz and Turnkey marketing Group before Stuart had actually founded the SFM. This also befoe he teamed up with Jay Kubassek to co-found the DEA. It’s a fascinating listen – check it out here.

Gold Membership – Kind of A No-Brainer 

In it Stuart talks about his background before discovering Internet marketing and his inspiring journey to where he is now. Stuart must be an interviewer’s dream come true – ask him a question and 20 minutes of air time are filled with valuable and inspiring insights.

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross

I doubt if there’s any other way I would be regularly speaking to and learning from people like these. In the internet business world you are constantly bombarded with launches and messages from gurus, experts and other marketers. If you have decided to join this digital goldrush there comes a time when you need to choose mentors, trainers and partners. With a DEA Gold membership in my opinion you have some of the best in the world.

I must admit, when I’m talking to these guys from my home office in Glasgow I sometimes have to pinch myself. As a guitarist it’s a bit like having weekly consultations with Steve Vai or Joe Satriani – Not Austin Powers though – although I bet that would be fun too.

Find out more about The SFM, DEA, DEA Gold membership and all of these amazing characters and how you can work with them on the link below.

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