What To Promote With An Online Marketing Business

Your level of decisiveness in an online marketing business is going to be an ongoing learning curve. Thats true for with anything in life. You need to make decisions and stand by them. It’s usually the case with successful people that they decide quickly and change their minds slowly. You could be trying to decide which online marketing business to get involved. It could be the decisions related to the business operation itself. You need to be able to make them

YOU are  your online marketing business!

I’m actually in the throes of deciding whether or not to invest in a further online business right now – I would be adding this to my portfolio and using my online marketing business systems to promote it – so wanted to share some of the factors that I use in my decision making process. Having been in the online home business industry for some time now I have made both good and bad decisions so feel qualified to offer my tuppence worth.

First of all as an online entrepreneur your online marketing business is basically you. You use that to promote products, services and other businesses and the decision part surrounds which ones you choose to invest in and promote with your online marketing business tools. These are some of the questions I ask myself when it comes to making those decisions. Before even number one though -CAN YOU AFFORD IT

Which Online Business Opportunity?

  1. Does the business/product have sustainability? In your online marketing business (you) you are building relationships with your customers. They want to know, like and trust you. So don’t sell them a dud! If people want to invest their hard earneds let them – but don’t let them hear it from you.
  2. Is there a product? When it comes to promoting an online businesses with your own online marketing business (you) That business needs to have a visible product – not just some intangible basis for money sharing that will dry up when people stop recruiting.
  3. Who are the people involved? We need to surround ourselves in high quality, successful people so are they involved in the business you are looking at? – Talk to them, look them in the eyes, do the due diligence.
  4. Will you get a return?

    As part of your due diligence speak to people who are involved already. Are they getting a return? Is it doing what it said on the tin?

  5. Are you being pressured? If you are being pressured into joining a business or online business opportunity the chances are that the people applying the pressure stand to gain more than you. There are however sometimes advantages in joining an MLM business early for example if you are near the top of a strong leadership team. Perhaps a subject in itself away from online marketing business per se.
  6. Can you get out? The damage caused by a wrong decision can be minimized if you don’t tie yourself in to costly ongoing fees. In an online marketing business that could come down to how you budget advertising.
  7. Can you afford it?  You could argue that money sitting in the bank would be better invested in a GOOD business (see point 4) but if you need that money to pay the mortgage maybe think twice. You can always come back to it when cash flow allows.

Common Sense Rules

These are the points that I consider personally. I’m not the fastest decision maker when it comes to parting with money I have to admit. Partly because I’m Scottish – legend states that copper wire was invented by two Scotsmen fighting over a penny! – And partly because I was brought up to understand the value of money.

I’ve since learned that the value of money is making it work hard and not in having it sitting in the bank – but there has to be some common sense involved too.

There are no guarantees in business but when it comes to choosing online businesses you can certainly minimise risks by following a few common sense guidelines. Remembering that your online marketing business is your personal brand is good one to keep at the forefront in my opinion. Please visit my website for more information

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Dave Menzies