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digital experts academy positioning

Digital Experts Academy Positioning – Best Bang For Your Bucks

digital experts academy positioning

This overview of Digital Experts Academy positioning is intended to explain the benefits of positioning wisely within the DEA for maximum income potential. If you have been researching SFM and DEA as a business you’d like to be involved with and are looking for some advice on how to proceed read on. If however you would like to read a brief overview first then feel free to read this post on the various levels and options open to you after applying to join as a basic member.

Assuming then that you’re up to speed with that already and are reading on, let’s look at the importance of Digital Exerts Academy positioning early in the membership process. This is a crucial step if you’ve decided to make DEA your primary online business.

The Digital Experts Academy positioning strategy

When your application is accepted and you’ve upgraded to full SFM membership you will be invited to join an orientation call with Jay Kubassek. During that you’ll get to know him and He will outline the Digital Experts Academy positioning strategy and timescales involved. The level of commissions you can earn will be set from that point on.

You’ll need to decide two things:
What level you want to be at. DEA positions run from Elite Silver to Elite Black with Gold and Platinum in between. For an overview on what the various DEA positions offer read this post.
When you want to upgrade to your chosen level. If you do this within 10 days of your orientation call you will pay less for your Digital Experts Academy positioning position and will join that level as a business partner. If you do it after the 10 day window you will pay full price and will be at affiliate commission level. The difference being 40% or 25% respectively.

The best way to demonstrate this is with an example. Say you decide you want it all and upgrade to DEA black as soon as you can. That means that a. You pay a great deal less fro the privilege and b. You earn 40% on all sales you make from Black membership through to Silver. In other words commissions ranging from $8000 (Black sale) down to $1000 (silver sale) per sale.

The Wisdom of Early Positioning 

You can hopefully see the wisdom in early positioning then. If you position further down the pay scale you will still get the 40% on any sales at your chosen level or below but only 25% on any above – still good but effectively leaving a lot of cash on the table.

By far the best move if you can stretch to it – and let’s face it this is still bargain basement pricing for a business that can pay at these levels – is to position at Black. If that’s not an option then Basically get as far up the tree as you can afford. It will pay dividends in the longer term.

My personal recommendation is to consider positioning at the Gold level as a minimum. Compared to most online franchise’s out there the cost is less and as a business, DEA is a far superior option than any I’ve seen.

The Digital Experts Academy Positioning For 6 Figures 

At any of these levels, getting positioned for maximum profit still gives you a very realistic potential to generate a 6 Figure income. This after all is what this company aims to make possible – hence – Six Figure Mentors…

The thing to bear in mind, as Jay covers in detail during his orientation calls, is as follows. Whatever level you do get positioned at, you’ll be doing pretty much the same work to generate membership sales. It’s simply in your own interest to get paid as much as possible for that work. That’s really the basis of entrepreneurial thinking and the key principle of leverage. Robert Kiyosaki for example writes plenty on the subject of leverage.

Another example: You position at Silver within the 10 day window. Should you generate a Silver sale you’d get 40% ($1000) but should you generate a Black sale you’d get only 25% of that ($4000) still nice but actually you’ve lost $4000. As I mentioned you’ve done the same work and the cost per sale would have been the same.

Building Solid Business Roots

By positioning wisely then you’re really setting your business up with the best possible start. It’s very much like planting a tree in the best soil and feeding it the best fertiliser. This is a business for serious entrepreneurs so when marketing to individuals with that mindset, you own Digital Experts Academy positioning speaks volumes about your belief in the business.

Many SFM and DEA members go on to partner with other members in future online ventures and again positioning is a good way to evaluate the level of experience future business partners will have.

So I hope that gives you a deeper insight into Digital Experts Academy positioning. This is possibly the most generous pay plan anywhere online at the present time. Given the added advantages with higher positioning: top flight mentoring, professional branding, joint venture and partnership possibilities, membership in an elite top tier business community and business guidance from the worlds most successful online marketers, it’s the place to be.

Digital Experts Academy positioning It starts with a fully refundable $29.95 application and consultation and leads to wherever you want it to – no limits. Visit the application page on the link below.

digital experts academy positioning

By Dave Menzies

digital experts academy positioning