The Evolution Of Digital Marketing Strategy

The Evolution Of Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategyThe new SFM sales funnel based around their forward thinking digital marketing strategy is pretty damn cool.  We’ve been seeing little glimpses of it in videos and webinars for a while now, but following the May founder’s call webinar we now have it in it’s entirety in our SFM back offices. I’ve just been syncing everything in my Aweber account and back office and checking everything is working as perfectly as everything Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek do usually does.

Along with the startlingly cool new website and general rebrand, the new sales funnel reflects Stuart and Jay’s vision and values and their constant drive to keep things fresh, up to date and in tune with the way modern digital marketing is evolving.

A Healthy Regard For Current Trends Married To A Strong Desire To Be Different

What I love most is that there is a healthy regard for current trends married to a strong desire to be different – to be on the cutting edge and to continually provide members and affiliates with more value at no extra cost. They take their time and get it right before releasing anything so when it arrives it’s as finished a product as any tech-based creation can be.

So what’s it like? Well to begin with it’s shorter. The core of the SFM message and sales funnel has always been a series of 7 videos that explain how the SFM and DEA work. The videos share the founder’s stories, the reason they wanted to create a training and platform coupled with a tuned and dialled marketing system that makes earning online a more straightforward process – for anyone -and a detailed explanation of how the business system works.

With the old system these videos were followed by a series of additional emails and videos designed to build the relationship and make subscribers take action – or unsubscribe. There were 20 of these: Stuart’s first ever follow up series contained, he says, around 60 messages. That’s how it used to work with online marketing but not any more.

A More Honest Approach

The emphasis these days is very much on building relationships with people in a more “real way”. A long, pre-programmed series of carefully worded emails doesn’t really cut it anymore. People want a more (for want of a better word) honest approach. They want to know that you have just written the email you just sent them; They want to interact on a Google Hangout or a webinar or Skype call. So the new SFM funnel delivers the 7 videos and one follow up. After that it’s over to a non-programmed approach.

Style wise, most of the videos in the new series were filmed during regular SFM/DEA 5 day events in the London hotel they host them. They walk the viewer through the big picture – literally at times as the guys walk around the various meetings in progress during the events – in a way that flows beautifully and is as far from “salesy” as marketing can be.

For a system, business, learning platform and community that is designed to allow internet business newbie’s to simply “plug and play” whilst they learn the ropes and get established you really couldn’t ask for more. The objective is to create independent online entrepreneurs not Stu and Jay clones after all and I think they are doing this wonderfully. Have a look at the new mission statement below. If you like it click on it and see the new video series.

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