Better Home Based Franchise And Business Opportunities

Home based franchise and business opportunities

Home Based Franchise And Business Opportunities – Knocked Into A Cocked Hat!

Home based franchise and business opportunities

The Home based franchise and business opportunities market is pretty full. A quick Google search this morning spewed up some 62 million results. Quite a few of these are actually directories but there’s no shortage of “in a box” style businesses out there. I think there is a far better option though for anyone serious about starting a business in these modern times…..

I’m saying that as my first experience of owning a business was with a franchised Internet business. I chose an Internet based business because I think compared to a traditional or offline business it’s a total no-brainer. The set up costs are marginal and you don’t need much more than a laptop and a broadband connection.

That being said the one I chose didn’t work out well and gave me some pause for thought about the franchise model in general. That was much more to do with the standard (or lack of) training provided than the fact that it was an online business.

Home Based Franchise and Business Opportunities – Just Another Job?

Home based franchise and business opportunitiesThe other factor to consider is that with most home based franchise and business opportunities you are basically a commission only sales person. You might not have a boss breathing down your neck but it’s never really going to be your business.

From my experience many home based franchise and business opportunities fall down seriously on the training side of things. There was nothing wrong with the business model of the franchise I bought initially. The problem was that the training was so out of date that eventually Google refused to rank businesses of that type (e-commerce web stores).

For an online business where traffic is the lifeblood, to fall foul of the biggest search engine in the known universe is not a good thing. That being said, I did make some sales, met some great people and knew that this was what I wanted to do – if I could only find the right training, mentors and online business style.

Home Based Franchise And Business Opportunities For A Modern World

Home based franchise and business opportunitiesWhat I learned was that in the online business world it’s possible to be genuinely independent once you’ve been through the learning curve. You don’t need your own products or to be tied to one product or product line as you do with a franchise. Once you learn the online marketing process you can apply it to any niche.

The absolute key to this is to learn how to do digital marketing properly from people who know what they are talking about and can prove it. That’s a skill that can itself be built into a consultancy business and it’s probably the most in demand skill set in the world right now. That’s only going to be truer over the foreseeable future as more and more of the world’s population goes online for most of their daily needs.

So if you are seriously looking for Home based franchise and business opportunities and can see the sense of an online business read on.

Founded by Stuart Ross, a English Internet entrepreneur who started with and was bitterly disappointed by his first online venture (a franchise) The SFM might well be what you are looking for.

This a lot more than a highly profitable business partnership: It’s an earn as you learn educational platform designed to produce independent modern entrepreneurs. It’s growing membership are a world wide community of digital marketers. People come out of this equipped with everything they need to prosper in the digital world.

In the crowded world of home based franchise and business opportunities this is revolutionary. Learn more with a complimentary series of videos delivered to your mail box on the link below.

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