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Home working after corona came up recently when I Skyped with a friend. We met some years ago at an event hosted by the online business mentoring community we’re both members of. Among other things we discussed the implications of corvid19 on how we work. We realised that we had both been effectively self-isolating for 5 years. We haven’t been avoiding a virus, just working from home on our digital businesses. But it made me think about how this pandemic might be making a lot of people visit or revisit the idea of working from home. 

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If I were the type of marketer who uses fear as a tactics I would be looking at the Corona virus as a gift. It’s a good fit – fear wise – for the “work from home” niche, which is a big part of my online business. The current advice after all is to self-isolate and to stay away from work if feeling unwell. Working from home certainly ticks those boxes.

Working From Home During Self Isolation

People were quarantined in hotels and on cruise ships when I started writing this. A week or so later the Uk and other countries were placed on full lock down. We are queuing for rationed shopping, social distancing and self isolating. International travel is now severely affected. 

All sorts of businesses have gone bust. We can only guess at the longer-term effect on global and personal economies this will have. The truth is that Corona virus is just the latest in a long line of good reasons for working at home by leveraging what’s at our fingertips. 

Lets put pandemics like Corona virus to one side for a moment. It’s hardy the first after all and not yet the most dangerous. What other good reasons are there for working from home? 

In the last few years we have also seen massive disruptions to our political and economic status quo. Many economists are predicting yet another global recession. But a new economy – the digital economy – has grown rapidly alongside and is largely unaffected by all this turmoil. You might argue that this technological revolution is partly to blame for said turmoil. But the fact is it’s here to stay. And it it’s a good thing.

Working From Home Beyond Corvid 19

In recent years technologies like the Internet, automation and artificial intelligence have grown exponentially. They have replaced many traditional jobs and have disrupted numerous industries. At the same time they have created new business models and opportunities the like of which we have never seen.  

Starting a business from home these days which leverages all this progress is relatively easy. It’s inexpensive compared to a bricks and mortar business or franchise and dispenses with most of their drawbacks. Instead of being threatened by the digital revolution these new business models thrive on it.

With everyday technologies a business can be run from anywhere. These can be largely automated and easily scaled. From a lifestyle perspective, aside from virus dodging, the advantages are obvious. There’s no commuting. You get plenty of time freedom. There’s a limitless range of products and services to sell and a 24/7/365 global marketplace to sell them on. Digital businesses can be built around your passions, interests and past experience. It’s worth pointing out too (in line with yet another current cause for concern), digital businesses run from home are very green. What’s not to like? 

Re-skill During Corona Lockdown

If you are interested in investigating the joys of working from home (for what ever reason) great mentors can help get you started faster. When I made the move six years ago I did it with help from a couple of amazing organisations. They not only provided the training and ongoing support, which I still benefit from but a ready-made business and all the tools, and resources I needed to get started. 

They’ve gone from strength to strength in the 10 years since forming and have helped thousands to transition to a work from home lifestyle. Learn more  by clicking the link below and subscribing to their free video series.

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