How To Fight Time Poverty

Time povertyTime poverty is a modern plague. In high earning professions the old adage “Time is money” is the rule of thumb.  In low earning jobs the long hours needed to earn a living wage creates time poverty in spades. I’ve seen both sides of this in my time. I found the solution quite recently and it’s all to do with the times we happen to live in. The truth is that we have never had more opportunity to work less and earn more.

Time poverty even for those who are money rich leads to more regret than almost anything else. Say you work 50, 60,70 hours or more per week, commute to and from work and sleep around 8 hours a night. That leaves 60 hours or less per week to: Spend time with family and friends, pursue hobbies, relax, eat and exercise. Not a pretty picture – kind of out of balance wouldn’t you say?

And if you are self-employed or a business owner you’ll know that work doesn’t always stop at 5pm! Its not surprising that so many people who seem to have it all at first glance are actually not happy with their lot. Time poverty has taken away most of what they work so hard for. So what’s the solution.

Making Time Poverty Redundant

For an increasing number of “olderpreneurs”, myself included, it’s the Internet. It wasn’t around when we started our working lives full of hopes and dreams but its here to stay and it can make for a very good lifestyle if you care to embrace it.

Since starting an online business some 5 years ago after being laid off from an executive job I am no longer time poor. There is no mystery to it at all. Its simply that a digital business works very differently from a traditional one. It doesn’t require you to travel to and from a particular place of work for a start. In fact you can run it from anywhere you can connect a computer to the Internet.

But that’s really just the start. You can start an online business without products of your own using business models like affiliate marketing and e-commerce. A prime example of this is Amazon – where individual entrepreneurs are actually selling a high percentage of the products on sale. Consider also organisations like Uber – the largest private transport network on the planet, which owns no vehicles. Look at Airbnb – the largest private accommodation organisation in the world that owns no property, or Netflix who own no cinemas.

time povertyThe New Rich – In Time And Money

Those are some of the most disruptive business models the Internet has produced so far. The fact is that you don’t even need a new idea like those to drastically reduce your time poverty online. You can build an affiliate or ecommerce business around almost any product or service you can think of. The systems and processes involved are entirely transferable and once mastered do most of the work for you. It’s the ultimate form of leverage.

If you’d like to investigate the possibilities as I did I recommend you take a look at the same series of free videos I came across a few years back. They are from a unique organisation formed by two mega successful online entrepreneurs. They introduce you to an education and business platform that has helped thousands to transition into the world of the Internet lifestyle. Sign up for them using the link below.


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