How To Have More Perfect Days

perfect daysWe all want more perfect days don’t we? My partner and I had one yesterday and we have a lot more of them since I decided to transition to the new digital economy. We are experiencing an unusually long heat wave here in Argyll and its set to continue. As a result my self and my partner have had some perfect days enjoying the simple pleasures of our large secluded garden. Yesterday however was extra special. I’m so grateful that my work as an online marketer allows me to have days like this at the drop of a hat (or the appearance of the sun!) We have the luxury of being able to repeat these perfect days often. I just wanted to write about yesterday’s while its fresh in my mind.

A couple of years into my online career we were able to move from Glasgow to the Argyle coast – location freedom being one of the internet’s great gifts. We are a few miles south from the lovely little town of Dunoon and have explored the area a lot over the last 3 years. One of our favourite discoveries is an incredible natural beach a few miles off the beaten track of “Scotland’s secret” coast. Yesterday we packed some lunch, filled up my little BMW Z3, got the roof down and headed there.

The Power Of Perfect Days

Known as Kilbride bay or Ostel beach it’s a huge horseshoe bay of white sands with spectacular views of Arran and Bute. It’s a little out the way so there is always a chance that you’ll have the place to yourself if you ever visit. In a heat wave and during school holidays you may have to share it but it’s never going to be crowded (I hope) Yesterday I counted 20 other people on a roughly 2 mile stretch of beach.

Ostel bay – the name we prefer, is reached by driving from Dunoon – or by boat. You drive up and over the Kyles of Bute, taking in spectacular views of the various loch’s that compose this gorgeous area. Once past the pretty villages of Tighnabruaich and Kames you take a left instead of heading on to Portavadie. You then find yourself on a single track road. A couple of miles along you find Kilbride farm and a signpost to Kilbride bay. It’s on foot from there.

The path to the beach along a brief stretch of road then over scrubby marshland (totally dried out at the moment) takes about 20 minutes. Gradually the gorse bushes give way to sand dunes and then the beach itself. When we arrived yesterday at around 11am there was a little sailboat anchored a mile out. A family had paddled ashore from it and were the only people there. The tide was out and the sea itself was sparking half a mile out on the sand. The Isle of Arran looked magnificent in the distance and a few sailboats dotted the blue water. You could be forgiven for thinking you were on the Indian ocean.

The Path To More Perfect Days

perfect daysWe walked barefoot along the beach and found a dune to call our own. After a spot of lunch we headed for the water. It was already hot but a nice breeze coming off the sea kept things comfortable. The receding tide had left some large shallow pools in the dazzling sand which felt warm under foot. The pools themselves were luke warm and felt amazing. Shoals of little fish trapped there brushed past our ankles. Finally reaching the sea we could see through the crystal clear water that the beach shelved incredibly gently.

A hundred meters out the water was still warm and still under knee height. To be able to swim would have meant wading out at least half a mile. Instead we chose to simply lie down in it. The feeling of lying in that warm, clear water with gentle waves lapping over me as I gazed out at Arran and the open sea beyond will stay with me for a long time. I stayed there for a long while meditating in that unspoilt, wonderful place.  I definitely felt some sort of spiritual, oneness with nature there – complete peace of mind.

We spent a couple of idyllic hours there alternating between sunbathing and lying in the water. By then some young families had arrived and although it was very far from being crowded we decided to head for home. On the way back we picked up a bottle of Rose and some olives and spent the rest of the afternoon on our sun deck in the garden.

Practical Ways To More Perfect Days

perfect daysWhen I started my journey into the digital world I joined an amazing mentorship platform and community platform. During the initial set up members are asked to write down a description of our perfect days. Almost word for word, 5 years ago, I described our day yesterday. Back then I didn’t know Ostel Bay existed – far less that I would be living near it.

It’s quite ironic that the means to make that transition came from something as far from the natural world as its possible to be. But technology – the Internet specifically has been the bridge. It allows me to enjoy these perfect days, on any day of the week I choose (yesterday was Wednesday) I know that I have a business that is working for me even as I relax with my soul mate on a deserted beach. Hell I could even work there as I had a strong 4g signal! But that would be somehow be weird (and my partner would kill me)

You’ll have your own idea of your perfect day, which might be totally different to mine. It doesn’t matter what that is but you can and should have more of them. Time is precious. We live in incredible times and have many more choices than ever before in how we live and work. If you’d like to look at how the Internet can provide you with more of your ideal days check the link below. You’ll find a series of videos waiting for you from my own mentors, friends and business partners. Those videos were a springboard for me and can be for you too.


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