How to Succeed Online as a ‘Normal” Person

How to Succeed Online as a ‘Normal” Person

normal1“How to succeed online” – that is the real question. I was prompted to write on this subject with the addendum as a “normal” person by a few things. The first being that so many of the big names in internet marketing seem to have a similar image – that of the supremely fit, very well built, rich playboy.

The second was an excellent blog post entitled “how to succeed online – even if you aren’t a rockstar” by Copy Blogger’s Sonia Simone. The third was a video recorded by one of my SFM friends Satya Gillen on her thoughts on the subject. Her video was filmed after she attended the DEA Gold event hosted by Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek and the guys from Satori prime.

There a few reasons why this stereo type exists and why these guys look like they do. In the first place many of them had a passion for physical fitness and personal development in the first place. In the second place, when they were learning how to succeed online themselves they discovered that this passion is actually shared by a massive %age of the population.

So a pretty obvious place to start as an affiliate marketer really: if those are your passions you have a huge audience to connect with that are similar to or who want to be similar to you. It’s no surprise then that many of those internet “rockstars” that Sonia refers to made their first million or two in those niches. People who want to get fit and develop their bodies are far more likely to relate to and therefore buy products recommended by people who have done that.

How To Succeed Online As You

The truth is though that although this can look like all successful internet marketers are from this background, many, many people who have discovered how to be successful online are not. They are actually just “normal” people. I’m using the speech brackets because I don’t believe there is any such thing as a normal person.

The community I am part of – The SFM and DEA is comprised of the broadest collection of people it’s possible to imagine. And although it’s leaders are very definitely “gym bunnies” to some extent, as Satya pointed out they are also very real people with very big hearts. The ripped, super car driving, designer clothes wearing pretty boy image is just an outer shell – one that has served them well.

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If you are going to brand yourself as an expert on physical fitness, body-building, weight loss or any of the other related, hugely popular niches – you better walk the walk after all. Another big reason for creating an online lifestyle is the time freedom it can give you. Most people would spend that time on their passions wouldn’t you ?

Be Yourself But Be Your Best You

But if your online businesses are built around very different niches or if you choose not be the face of your brand then it really doesn’t matter how “normal” you look, act or talk.

The big names in the industry are also recognised as leaders and It’s much easier to believe in leaders who obviously take care of them selves and present themselves well. It’s also an absolute necessity for leaders to have sufficient energy and drive for the job so they have worked extremely hard on their personal development – both physical and mental. So if you are asking yourself how to succeed online and are thinking you might need to look a certain way – forget it. But do take a leaf out of their book. Building any business is hard work and a lot of that work is actually done on yourself – healthy body = healthy mind…

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