How To Write a Blog Post

How To Write a Blog Post

how to write a blog postHow to write a blog post is a big subject but today I was wanted to share a basic overview of blogging as a means of creating value for your current and prospective customers. Bloggs are of course also a means of gaining the all important ranking from Google and other search engines.

Getting good ranking from Google for your chosen keywords can result in lots of visits to your blogs and the links embedded in them so its good to know how to write a blog post that search engines will also love – I’ll explain.

First of all – what is a blog?

A blog is really just a website. A personal website is also sometimes described as a blog. Although it will have a number of additional “static” pages, with content that doesn’t change often, the blog page is where all the regular posts you create (or get created for you – more on that in a moment) are stored.

The other type of blog is just that – a single page website which consists only of blog posts. With SFM you get both – An authority site all about you, your businesses and anything else you want and a stand-alone, highly ranked blog page hosted on the SFM/DEA Digital Bloggers platform.

How to Write A Blog Post That People Want To Read

What do blogs contain? Anything really – you don’t always want to be selling so the aim is to give value to your readers. You can do this in many ways: You can be informative, entertaining, inspiring and nurturing. The overall aim is to build up trust with your readers and subscribers.

When you ARE using blog posts to promote your products – whether that be your SFM business or any other business you create with the SFM platform and training, you have the ability to place keyword links in your posts that send the reader to your sales pages, sign up pages or products.

Learning how to write a blog post that has the “right” number of keywords and links is an important part of the equation.

How To Write A Blog Post That Makes Money

how to write a blog postWhat are keywords and links? A keyword is actually a phrase that relates to what you are aiming to achieve with the blog post. It’s the type of thing someone looking for what you offer would type into Google: For my guitar website I might go for something like – “Buy electric guitars online” for example.

If I create an informative article and work that phrase into it a few times it tells Google’s automated “spiders” (the system Google uses to analyse content on websites for value to searchers) that that’s what the article is about. They then use a variety of criteria to decide how useful that article would be to someone searching that phrase.

The higher up the rankings your article goes in the search engines (Google is only one of many search engines – albeit the biggest) The more people see it, read it and potentially click through to wherever your link sends them. Some of those people will then buy, earning you commission as an affiliate.

Your link is simply a redirect hidden under the keyword phrase or picture so that when the reader clicks on it they are taken elsewhere i.e., your landing page or sales page, another blog post or a video.

The SFM training covers how to write a blog post and blogging in a lot of detail – this is just a basic overview of the art and science of writing for profit. If you enjoy writing it can be a very powerful, longer-term strategy. If you don’t enjoy writing you can actually outsource blog writing very cheaply.

There are lots of resources with the SFM system to help you outsource blog writing. My sponsor has built a very powerful blogging system in fact and I share this with my own team. To find out more about how to write a blog post and the training and resources on blogging at SFM get the free series on the link below.

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