Best Second Income Ideas

Best Second Income Ideas

extra income ideasIn 2009 when the recession was biting deeply into the industry I was then employed in and people were losing their jobs all around me, I realised that a backup plan was definitely in order. Some second income ideas were the order of the day.

Having been in a technology based industry for 12 years I knew that the Internet was the way to go. I started looking for an online business I could start to build as a form of security initially – and hopefully as something I could transition to completely, should redundancy rear it’s ugly head.

After considerable research I dismissed the obvious scams and, as I didn’t really have any knowledge of Internet marketing, decided that a franchise would be the safest, most affordable second income idea to start with.

Disastrous Extra Income Ideas

I found a franchisor selling ready-made Internet comparison stores bundled with marketing training and decided that I would buy one that sold wine online.  I spent a lot of my spare time personalising the site, setting up everything required and following the training.

Long story short – it bombed. I made a few small commissions but soon realized that this was in no way sustainable. There simply were not enough hours in the day to do all the blogging, article writing and other activities required. On top of which the training proved to be very dated and Google more or less wiped out this type of site overnight with it’s Panda update.

I then got involved with Banners Broker, as did a lot of fellow disappointed franchise owners, and I did very well with that for a while. By this time the redundancy had happened to me but I had more than replaced, my salary.

Earning Income Online – Independently

What happened to Banners broker is well documented – they ran into severe problems which lasted a year: The business has just restarted in a very different form and it remains to be seen if it’s going to be a sustainable, real business. In the meantime I needed to replace my income again.

After a few mistakes with (in hindsight) stupid programmes, and “opportunities” I came to realise this: I needed to learn how to be a professional digital marketer: I needed to learn how to earn online income in a way that was not dependent on any one business idea or programme.

I had seen that making good money and having a lot more free time was absolutely possible by running an online business or businesses. I had not learned however how to do this independently until I came across a unique training platform and marketing business system rolled into one that ticked every single box that I knew needed ticking. That’s SFM.

The simple fact is that digital marketing is an industry like any other but with numerous advantages over traditional businesses. Put simply it is the science of marketing good, services, information and training on the Internet. Like any profession there are tools and systems involved that need to be mastered. There is learning to be done and it can be hard work.

The SFM business system I found however cuts years off the time it would have taken me to learn on my own (and I would have gone bankrupt in the process!) It provides absolutely everything you need to start building an online business in any niche you choose – top digital marketers have built multi-million dollar business with far less resources – and includes the best mentoring, training and entrepreneurial community I have ever seen or been part of– and I’ve been round the block a time or two!


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