Internet marketing Strategies That Play to your Strengths

Playing to your strengths

Dave Menzies

internet marketing strategies

Leadership event with Stuart And Jay – New Jersey 2017

As usual, the SFM Elite call by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek this week was filled with inspiring and practical information. The topic and conversation was largely focused on choosing the strategies that suit you. Those that play to your strengths.  Becoming an expert at those is a better approach rather than trying to be a dabbler in several.

This might seem a little tenuous at first but stick with it – I know where I’m going. I’m thinking about the various online  marketing strategies that can be used and the advice that it is best to find the strategy that suits your own strengths. I find it useful to compare this to different types of guitar or I guess any musician’s choice of tool.

Internet Marketing Strategies – My Tenuous musical comparison

When I was learning guitar many of the players I looked up to and was inspired by played the iconic Fender Stratocaster, so I felt that I should too. Created in the 50’s the “Strat”, was then and still is a futuristic looking blend of style and function – it’s an amazing piece of kit and has probably been the catalyst for some of the most memorable electric guitar sounds ever recorded. Here’s the thing though – I don’t like them. Just as I don’t like some marketing strategies.

I’ve owned several Stratocasters and I still have a lovely old one I will never sell – even though I seldom play it. I’m a Les Paul man through and through. It just makes the sound I want right out of the box. I realize I could change the pickups on my Strat and otherwise spend time and money making it sound the way I like but that could take years of experimentation and cost a small fortune. Why put myself through it when I can just plug the Les Paul in and I’m good to go.

2019 Update: I’ve fallen in love with my Strat again! All it took was the addition of a new effects board (a new strategy….)

What the hell does this have to do with Online marketing strategies?

So what the hell has all this got to do with Internet marketing? Well I make the comparison to stress the fact that it’s not a one size fits all world and that’s true whatever we are talking about. With internet marketing as much as with any other discipline we want to be natural and to use the strengths we have rather than shoe horning ourselves into areas we aren’t especially comfortable in or continually learning new skill sets in order to follow the herd.

Just because Hendrix and Stevie ray used a Strat it doesn’t mean I have to. Just because some people love Facebook advertising as a marketing tool it doesn’t mean I have to – just an example. Internet marketing strategies are increasingly about real human contact and “realism” people want to know like and trust sellers more than ever.

Most of us can spot a phoney

The best way marketers can address that is really to be themselves and attract the audience in a natural sort of way rather than by hammering away at them with internet marketing methods they don’t enjoy following or are just not good at. Everyone can spot a phony in these savvy times – eventually at least. The best way to that in marketing is to stick with internet marketing strategies that play to your strengths – and outsource the stuff that doesn’t. That way you can use a range of internet marketing strategies all done well.

How To Identify The Best Strategies For You

The guitar analogy is the same really. If you feel that a certain tune demands that iconic Stratocaster sound – get a Strat player and play your Les Paul alongside them –  It makes for a great sounding mix.

If you are struggling with the marketing mix, how to identify and best use different internet marketing strategies (Strat-egies?) online its probably time to do some serious study. I do mine with The Six Figure mentors – Stuart and Jay’s company with who I am an Elite affiliate and benefit from their considerable combined wisdom.

Click on the link below to access some FREE videos from them that will show you a very big picture when it comes to Internet marketing strategies. As for the guitars – play what you like!

internet marketing strategies