Living a Stress Free Lifestyle

Is Living a Stress Free Lifestyle Possible?

living a stress free lifestyleIs living a stress free lifestyle possible? Probably not entirely but it’s definitely possible to choose a far less stressful one these days. Since I started working from home I’ve completely moved away from a lot of the day-to-day stress that’s out there. Don’t get me wrong I do go out in the world fairly often, just not often for work related reasons.

When I do venture out at a time of day when everyone else is rushing around, the sheer pressure everyone seems to be under always takes me aback. I’m not living a stress free lifestyle just yet but I’m a hell of a lot closer to it than I was not long ago.

Today for example I had to get some documents printed but had run out of black ink. I decided to take a stroll down to the nearest library and jump on a computer to print from a memory stick. This was around 9am so the commuters had crawled their way to work, tooting and polluting. Certainly not living a stress free lifestyle.

Unfortunately the library was shut so I walked back, jumped in the car and drove over to another one. All the computers were busy for at least an hour. I did what I should have done in the first place – drove to Asda and bought a new cartridge.

Living a Stress Free Lifestyle – On or Off The road

living a stress free lifestyleIt was on the way back that I witnessed a pressure cooker like outburst of stress. Turning into my road I found it blocked by several vehicles. On one side a bin wagon on the other a car, which was effectively stopping the bin wagon from moving.

The bin guys, a parcel delivery guy who was also blocked in, and a passerby all started shouting at the guy in the car. When this had no effect things looked like they were going to get ugly. In the end it turned out that the car was actually broken down. Aggression turned to smiles and attempts were made to push start the car.

It didn’t start but at least got moved out of the way so everyone could get on with their highly important routines. Minutes had been lost for god’s sake! So not a particularly exciting event but definitely evidence of the hair-trigger state people seem to live in these days. The slightest delay or inconvenient pattern interrupt sends the temper soaring – like the cartoon cliché of smoke coming from the ears. I far prefer the cartoon image of someone living a stress free lifestyle – a hammock, deserted beach and a palm tree would be involved.

We live in a world where we want everything yesterday. On top of that money is tight and the future often uncertain. There are too many cars on the road. See what happens next time you stall your car at lights just as they change to green. How long before the person behind starts leaning on the horn and waving their hands around. This is definitely not anyone’s idea of living a stress free lifestyle is it?

Is Anyone Living a Stress Free Lifestyle?

This level of enhanced impatience has been obvious on the roads for some time now. Travelling by road for work was a nightmare last time I did it regularly. The commuting is one thing – what a way to start and end most of your days! On top of that if you need to drive for work your dealing with it all day long.

In an economy where budgets and profits have been slashed, time is money. Deliveries have to done faster so that more can be done to take up the slack in profit margins. Crucial meetings are even more crucial for the same reasons and overall the pressure all this puts people under is immense. It must be a good time to be selling high blood pressure cures.

Must say it’s weird to be ducking in and out of all this. Maybe it’s not so bad – if you are used to it. If like me you’re sick of it though – there is an alternative. I’m actually about to flog my car.

Although I can still drive for pleasure by enjoying empty roads when most people are at work, I find I just don’t need a car much. I can happily go carless for a while and I’m looking forward to it. It might actually go a long way towards living a stress free lifestyle.

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