A lesson On Keeping Things In Perspective

A Lesson On Keeping Things In Perspective


high ticket affiliate programsI’ve heard both Stuart Ross (on a live webinar) and Jay Kubassek at an event in London talk about a massive deal they walked away from a year or so ago. Jay gave us a more detailed perspective on this in his blog post yesterday and I wanted to write about it because I feel it represents the uniqueness of the business strategy and ethos that runs through everything these guys do. That’s also apparent in the community of entrepreneurs who they attract.

So having individually made fortunes and built huge online businesses Stuart and Jay teamed up with a shared vision – to build a community of successful independent Internet entrepreneurs by providing the training and business systems needed to build sustainable online businesses and the lifestyles that go along with it.

A Pretty Unique Business Strategy

Having put all the pieces in place – although they constantly evolve – the new partnership – Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy has done exactly that. It has enabled people from all walks of life to transition to the digital economy and build sustainable, lucrative online businesses in every imaginable niche.

So having accomplished all this in 6 months or so – you need to hear these guys talk to grasp the passion for they have and the amount of work they put in to this – they were presented with a multiple 7 figure offer for the business… During a series of meetings with the big money /big name investors involved, Stuart and Jay were given the 5 star treatment in New York along with lashings of ego massaging and talk of shares in the new company. In his blog Jay describes the experience as flattering, exciting and beyond their wildest dreams. But…

Perspective Intact – Walk Away

After a long day of meetings the two entrepreneurs headed off to their 5 star hotel bedrooms for what I can only imagine was a sleepless night. In the elevator next morning they just couldn’t look at each other and both seemed to know what the other was thinking. They had both decided not to go for the deal.

That decision is in essence what members of the SFM and DEA love about their leaders: Their priorities, which form the basis of everything they teach include; being happy, being independent, answering to no-one and having freedom and control. Both Stuart and Jay realised that incredibly tempting though the deal on the table must have been, by accepting it they would be sacrificing all that.

I would suggest that many, many people in their shoes that day would have happily taken the millions on offer – business strategy and ethos be damned – and sold out ‘to the man”. Bear in mind that this is a decision that cost the guys many millions of dollars so when Jay chose to title his blog post “The Price of Freedom” He has a pretty good point of reference to share.



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