How to Make A Living In The Country

How to Make A Living In The Country

how to make a living in the countryRemember when we used to call it the world wide web? I was reminded of why that’s so appropriate earlier today when a friend and fellow online entrepreneur from down south posted in Facebook that he was spending a few days up in Argyll. Since he’s travelling back tomorrow and is passing through Glasgow we plan to catch up. It got me pondering the question of how to make a living in the country. My friend Mark is with yet another onliner Dave who’s birthday it is tomorrow so maybe a pint will be involved. I met both of these guys – both shining lights in the SFM and DEA community – at momentum day back in January and we’ve kept in touch through social media and our own private community forums. So there is just one strand on the web that connects us all these days but there’s more. Mark and Dave have been staying with yet more online entrepreneurs – a couple who own a guest house in Argyll where the guys have been staying. When I looked them up on Face book I also realised that we had met before… A couple of years ago when Banners Broker was at fever pitch we got chatting outside the Reebok arena in Bolton where BB held a massive conference event. Myself and my BB team member Bobbie were in Kilts (of course) and so it was natural to get chatting with fellow scots.

How to Make A Living In The Country – Aside From Farming

Since them I’ve seen these two on one of the SFM testimonial videos so I knew they were members but until today had no idea where they were based now. Small world. Actually the point is that the WWW has made it that way – albeit within a small country in this case. Later I’ll be on a hangout with fellow online entrepreneurs from England, Sweden, Ireland and France though. Anyway aside from this little series of connections, Mark’s working holiday up north got me thinking about yet more advantages of working online, particularly as regards rural communities. How can you earn a living in the country these days? Simple… For a number of years I lived and worked on the Isle of Mull – a bit further north that where Mark is. Through a family connection I got a summer job on a fish farm there and got hooked (groan) on the lifestyle and ended up staying for a number of years.

making a living in the country

Not a farmer?

The Modern Way To make A living In The Country

Like all fairly remote communities , whilst the scenery and lifestyle is pretty idyllic its very hard to sustain for many local people. There’s not a lot of employment outside of industries like fishing, fish farming, forestry and hospitality. The former are becoming more automated so need less human labour and the latter depend heavily on the seasonal tourist trade. Until now it’s been pretty difficult to earn a living in the country. The other issue – especially for young people is that of housing. There are not many houses in the first place and in many rural settings wealthy incomers snap them up for holiday homes or BnB’s. I guess it’s the same for rural communities the world over.

The Obvious Way To earn A Living In the Country

An obvious antidote to this is the possibility of working online. Internet connections are often good in remote areas these days and essentially that’s all that’s needed to build an online business. It doesn’t need to be tourist related either. If I was living up north or in rural France or Spain – and I plan to – I would be looking to skill up in digital marketing as way to earn a living in the country without a doubt. It’s just a no-brainer for people who want to be able to choose where they live or to continue living in the places they love and know. It just takes some education but it’s education that is not available in schools, colleges or even Universities. Certainly not on a real world, making income way and certainly not in the more rural areas. Luckily though, as myself, and my colleagues will testify its available via the SFM and DEA. Find out more with their free video series by clicking the link below. making money online