Living The Laptop Lifestyle

living the laptop lifestyle

Living The Laptop Lifestyle – The Digital Nomads 

living the laptop lifestyle

Living the laptop lifestyle as it’s known is what an increasingly large number of people are doing. So is it really possible to run an online business or several online businesses from pretty much anywhere? I’m in Tenerife as I write this doing just that. I’m technically on holiday – a present for my 50th birthday but I wanted to do a little work too. Partly because I wanted to see what could be done with a laptop and an iPad whilst away from the home office – living the laptop lifestyle as a digital nomad.

It’s been easy enough to do most of the tasks that form part of my affiliate marketing business here. Both the laptop and the iPad are with us for entertainment as well as work so it wasn’t a chore to bring them with us. I made sure the Internet connection in the apartment we hired was adequate so no worries there.

I’ve also got my camera and tie-clip microphone so have several possibilities for shooting some video. I intend to do some quick videos and upload them straight away and to shoot some for editing later.

Can You Live The laptop Lifestyle Anywhere? 

living the laptop lifestyle

View From this week’s office

I have access to all my SFM tools and resources too. I can generate links, access my websites to post blogs and use all the other tools in there as required. So all in all there is nothing I can’t do here that I can’t do in my home office.

Tenerife has the advantage of course of being sunny, hot and inspiring at this time of year. A great place to fully enjoy living the laptop lifestyle.

The only thing I would say is that things would be easier with a completely joined up set of devices: I personally have an iMac at home, an iPad and an old PC laptop. They all do the job but I plan to ad a MacBook Pro shortly so that I can access everything on my main computer remotely. I’m sure I could do that now but I’m not very techy in that way. Like I say everything works.

So I can see absolutely no reason why I couldn’t do this for far longer periods of time – as some of my fellow SFM members and mentors do. It’s a different mindset from the fixed holiday thing. The big advantage of living the laptop lifestyle is that you escape from the necessity of partitioning off your time.

It’s not a business that needs a rigid working regime. There’s no need for a 5 day, 9-5 set up with a a couple of vacations fitted in – usually to suit someone else. I’m not saying for a moment that it’s a permanent vacation, just that it’s a very different, and in my opinion, better way to live. You do need to remember a couple of things though;

 Your Digital Nomad Toolkit

1.You are running a business – you are not on holiday (not all the time anyway)

2.Bring all the cables, adaptors and gizmos you need. On this trip I forgot to pack the cable needed to transfer images from my camera to my laptop. This wasn’t a big problem though as I was only away for a week so could just write my blogs and content and publish them later. I could easily have bought a cable if I’d felt the need.

All of the transactions with an online business happen whether you are there or not. If you need to have a meeting you can do it online with one of the many video conferencing applications that now exist. Living the laptop lifestyle as a digital nomad is possible from pretty much anywhere.

A Helping Hand To get There

Of course all of this possibility depends on your online business generating income. For many people that’s the problem. There is absolutely no doubt that everything you need to do to run an online business can be done from anywhere you can plug a laptop into a decent broadband connection. There’s also absolutely no doubt that you can generate a scaleable income and start living the laptop lifestyle – many people do.

It’s been my experience though that you need help. Help in terms of training, digital systems, outsourcing and personal development to transition to this kind of life. After a few false starts I found all that with SFM, both the business itself and the community that it’s built on.

Living the laptop lifestyle Is truly an amazing way to live  – worth a lot of sacrifice and hard work in my opinion. Its no longer about having a work life and a home life – it’s about having a great life!

Find out more about how SFM is helping thousands of people do this on the link below.

living the laptop lifestyle

By Dave Menzies


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