The magic of autoresponders in online marketing

Automating Your Online Marketing Email With Aweber

One of the most important tools in the professional online marketing professional’s arsenal is the auto responder. A great piece of kit which to a large extent allows for automation of your email campaigns and is a key resource for building that all important list. You want people who sign in to your capture pages to be automatically sent your follow ups with the minimum of fuss and you want to be sure the system is working properly – leaving you to focus on generating your leads.

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One of the most popular systems is of course Aweber. It’s pretty user friendly after the usual learning curve to start with and basically does “everything it says on the tin”. When you are a member of the Six Figure Mentors you get a pre set up campaign of course which is easily imported to your Aweber account and which delivers a highly professional and tested series of emails to your list. Using the system as a stand alone however is also easy.

One of the many things I like about Aweber is that you have the ability to tailor and adjust your scheduled mails within the program itself. This is a huge benefit when you are trying to establish your own USP rather than just sending generic mails that many other affiliates may also be sending. There are some good editing tools built in that make personalisation simple.

Starting a new campaign from scratch is pretty simple too. The biggest input of your time will obviously be the creation of the email series so you really don’t want to spend a load of time putting them to work. Aweber makes this a straightforward and relatively quick process.

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Once you have a campaign set up you are in full control and can make any adjustments you need as time goes by. Changing the time between mails and editing or deleting is a synch.

There will probably be times where you would like to send a bulletin or special offer to your list from Aweber and again this a simple process within the dashboard of your account.

In online marketing leads are the life blood of any internet business so anything that can be reliably looking after our leads in the background is a god send. As the list grows it would be horribly time consuming to keep in touch with prospects manually. I can’t recommend Aweber strongly enough as an electronic home business partner. If you don’t have it you can check it out here.

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