How To Make Millions? Our Attitudes To Money

How to make millions? Attitudes to Money

How to make millionsHow’s that for a headline? – How to make millions – what’s your immediate reaction to that? Does it turn you right off or will you read on? This weekend I caught up with a recording of a webinar hosted by Jay Kubassek for the SFM Elite members that I missed last Friday. It covered the subject of the programmed attitudes to money that many of us have – and need to overcome.

As always the main subject under discussion – our relationship with wealth and money – has given me food for thought.  A number of the members contributed to the conversation, some of whom I know and others I don’t but there was something of a common thread that was interesting. How does money make you feel?


Should You Even Be Asking How To Make Millions?

Jay himself grew up on a religious farming commune and was brought up on the good old “money is the root of all evil”, ethos (a misquote from the bible by the way which actually says the LOVE of money CAN be the root of evil) His family were not then particularly impressed when he told them years later, that he had worked out how to make millions as a digital entrepreneur. Much better if he had stayed in his modest income job selling exhaust pipes (mufflers) to the good people of Canada they felt.

how to make millions

The other members contributing to the call spoke of a similar attitude to money instilled in them by family as they were growing up. Not everyone here was from older generations by the way (and certainly not from religious communes) so it’s clearly an attitude that still prevails.

It’s an attitude essentially creates a distrust of wealth – rich folks somehow are obsessed with greed or are somehow undeserving of their bank balances and that true virtue comes through honest hard work. Having just enough is good enough and we should be thankful for it. The question of how to make millions just never comes up in that mindset.

How To Make Millions – Who Do You Ask?

I was brought up in fairly comfortable surroundings. Although not by any means wealthy, my parents both worked hard and built good careers. My dad was in education and my mother in nursing.  Neither were particularly money motivated but both worked extremely hard to build a comfortable life for themselves and for me and my brother. Making money was a by product of their careers but I was brought up not to take it for granted.

There are so many stories of people achieving huge wealth and success despite coming from the most unpromising backgrounds possible. So success – however you measure it – really has nothing to do with a lack of abundance in the world. It’s definitely there if you really want it.

how to make millions

Even if you spent your formative years having the idea that wealth is evil or unattainable it’s simply not the case and that has been proved countless times. As Jay says: If you can be programmed to believe one set of values it just proves you can be programmed – so you can be programmed to believe a different set of values. “Turn your shit into a shingle” in Jay’s own words.

The one thing all the wealthy people I know or have met have in common as far as I can see is simply drive. They don’t fall back on any excuses – upbringing, physical obstacles, injustices, the list is endless but to people with a drive to succeed they are all simply that – excuses to fail.

Some of the entrepreneurs I have met through the SFM – including its founders, have lost everything – more than once – but have just sucked it up and started again. That’s what it takes. The other thing I notice is that it’s seldom the money that they miss or want to replace, not for its own sake at least since money itself has no power or energy.

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