How To Make Money From Writing Online

How To Make Money From Writing Online

how to make money from writing

There are any number of ways to make money writing without the need to be a talented novelist. Online writing is now just another income possibility made possible by the digital revolution as information is one of its most valued currencies. Lets look at some of the options.

Writing for money happens in most areas of digital marketing either directly or indirectly. For some digital marketers it’s a key strategy – blogging being the most obvious. For other marketers it’s an area they prefer to outsource and this has created a side industry for freelance writers.

There are a number of good agency type websites for writers, which are a great resource for marketers and writers alike. Elance and Fiverr spring to mind and the Six Figure Mentors have a Digital Writers resource within their Digital Business Lounge, which is excellent. If you are going to outsource your writing its worth remembering that marketers like to build good working relationships. If they find a good writer they will stick with them.

Make Money Writing for Those That Don’t

online writingWriting online is also important in social media marketing as good content means social proof, means sales. Good copy is important in any form of writing whether the aim is for sales leads from email marketing or for engagement with your social network audience. This all means that if you have good writing skills there are a lot of people looking to pay for them. You can then either offer those skills as a writer for hire, put them to good use in your own marketing or both.

If you are planning to make money from writing online you will also need some additional skills to be at the top of your game as the objectives tend to be around attracting prospects and customers. In effective digital marketing this requires highly targeted copy in terms of relating to the target audience and often to targeted keywords.

Get The Edge With Additional Online Writing Skills

There are lots of books on effective copywriting and it’s worth investing in one or two if you are serious about writing for money.  The same goes for keyword research but we do have amazing resources for this at our finger tips with Google and Youtube. Because search engines like Google, Youtube, Bing and Yahoo all offer pay per click advertising, they all provide helpful keyword planning tools.

So if like me you are a writer but don’t (yet) have a book in you, you can put your talents to profitable use. The Internet industry depends on good copy to drive traffic and not everyone wants to do that writing themselves. This means that you have marketable skills. For a lot more on digital marketing and writing for money sign up for the SFM complimentary training videos on the link below.

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