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Just as I typed the first word of this post I heard the ping of an email arriving in my Gmail box. I paused for a quick look and it’s from an online marketing acquaintance of mine in New York with “time sensitive” news of his latest get rich quick thing. It kind of works nicely here because I had spent the previous couple of hours talking to a couple of people about some offline businesses we are looking to market online.



Over the last few years I have been through that learning curve where you waste time and money on a few online games so I have a lot of contacts who although I like them, are involved in a side of online marketing and money making that just doesn’t interest me any more. I don’t necessarily mean scams here – just the kind of “churn and burn” internet business ideas that come and go every day.

Internet marketing – Keeping it Real

People do make money with those but only by developing some sort of instinct that seems to tip them off as to when to get out before they go pop! I don’t have that instinct and I don’t like putting money into things that I don’t really understand or know when or if I’m likely to see any profit. I also think these sorts of things miss the whole point about internet marketing in 2014.  It’s all about keeping it real.

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To highlight what I mean: My previous conversations this morning were with two people I know who are now online business people but in a more traditional sort of way. They have taken traditional offline businesses online. That’s more how I see digital marketing these days – Real people and real products. No need for smoke and mirrors or clever but essentially doomed ways to share revenue with other people.

My first video call was with a new friend I met through the Six Figure mentors. He has been working with a new method of video conferencing (demonstrated by using the product to have the conversation) and is making good money marketing this to professionals and companies via the digital marketing training he has been getting via SFM. This is one I will be getting involved with as I’m from a similar background.

Internet Marketing – No Churn n Burn Please!

The next call by phone this time was with someone I’ve known since my first online venture. We have been looking at doing business together for some time. He has just put together a sales team for a new energy saving product but will be marketing it online himself. It sounded good and all the marketing, funnels and sales materials are ready. He emailed those to me and is posting a sample of the now tested and approved product to trial. Watch this space!

For me to profit from these with internet digital marketing all I need to do is to set up a couple of web pages and Facebook pages and start promoting. This will take a couple of hours to set up then I’ll probably outsource a lot of the ongoing work – blogging, posting content etc.

I think this stuff actually seems like hard work to the churn n burn guys and if you have a big list of opportunity seekers to blast your latest programme to then it probably is. The big difference being that real products that provide real value to real people tend to be around much longer. I’d rather spend a bit of time at the front end and then scale up the results with professional digital marketing – but that’s just me. If you like the sound of my approach you can learn it from my teachers The Six Figure Mentors. The link below will get you some complimentary videos on the subject.

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