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Online Learning – The Place To be 2015

online learningOnline learning AKA e-learning was the subject of an interesting Article posted by Forbes recently. Stuart Ross, co-founder of Six Figure mentors and Digital Experts Academy posted a link to it on his Facebook status yesterday. He chose the amusing strap line – “What a terrible industry to be in ; )”

In the article Forbes quoted a projection that the online learning industry market will be worth $107 billion in 2015. This is based on research carried out by Global Industry Analysts – a leading market research firm. As someone whoes companies are dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses with the skills to thrive in today’s increasingly online world, this was a great share from Mr Ross.

The SFM and DEA’s point is that, as Forbes article highlights, traditional methods of education are just not getting the job done. One of the biggest areas that this is most true for is digital marketing and digital skills in general. Massive numbers of school leavers are now looking to join the lucrative online industry as internet/tech entrepreneurs. This area is likely to represent a big chunk of that $107 billion.

Online Learning For Business 

online learning

The Forbes article suggests that the most popular method of absorbing online learning is via a membership portal. SFM and DEA are just that. The learning is delivered via a mix of pre-recorded video, live and recorded webinars and live events. With the SFM and DEA platform this also allows students to create a business and real world income from the expertise they acquire.

If you think about it most of us already do some form of online learning although not in an organised way. We look for tutorials on Youtube and blogs and articles via Google. We register for webinars on topics we want to know more about.

The Forbes article suggests that this has led to growing changes in the way we learn. As far as business and entrepreneurship goes this can only create more and more opportunities. There are a ton of specific areas where online learning products, membership sites and educational platforms can be created.

You only have to look at the breadth of digital skills covered by Grovo. They are online digital skills providers who SFM and DEA have just partnered with to get an idea of the potential here.

Methods of delivering online learning are flexible enough to cover pretty much any topic under the sun. They can deliver it anywhere to anyone. The possibilities for creating businesses around online learning therefore are truly awesome. SFM and DEA have really won a watch here. No matter what niche an online business occupies it needs to be able to market online effectively.

Online Learning With SFM And DEA 

Online marketing is in itself a hugely profitable niche to offer online learning in. When you join as an affiliate and build a business with SFM and DEA you are effectively building an online business in that niche. You also get digital business systems and marketing materials that enable that business to get into profit very quickly.

You just can’t do that with a traditional business model and you can’t really learn it with a traditional education. At the end of the day education is just the passing on of knowledge. In a rapidly changing world that’s doing things – like business – in different ways, we need to be able to pass on knowledge in different, more suitable ways.

That’s really how the SFM and DEA online learning and business platform came into being. The founders learned how to do business online and saw first hand how life changing that was. They recognised that literally vast numbers of people wanted to learn how to do that. They saw that there was very little real world education available on the subject so decided to provide it.

You can here their story and learn more about the potential in online learning by subscribing for a free 7-day video series from SFM and DEA using the link below.

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By Dave Menzies