What Is Quality?

What Is Quality?

What is qualityI’m Scottish. Without playing to the stereotypical image of the deep-pocketed Scotsman I do like to see value for money in pretty much everything before I hand over the cash. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate and insist on quality and to my mind finding quality only comes with trial and error. So what is quality?

Quality just shines through: It keeps delivering. It does what it says on the tin and can be relied upon.  When it comes to products and brands here are a few that have met my high standards time and time again and improved my quality of life.

What Is Quality For Me In My World (Guitars)

As a long time guitarist I have owned lots of guitars, amps and related gear. After exhaustive testing I’m a Gibson and Fender man for guitar, a Marshall man for amplifiers and a Roland man for recording equipment and a Line 6 and Boss man for effects. These are the ones that have stood the test of time and that suit the way I play and record music best.

As a photographer I’ve also owned a number of Cameras and although several have been great it’s now Canon for me all the way.

As a lover of cars and motorbikes I’ve had many of both over the years and I’ll plump for Kawasaki motorbikes and BMW cars (with Mazda being a close second) I’ve enjoyed lots of other makes of both but in a conversation about sheer quality and brand strength I need to go for those two.

What Is Quality For Me In My World (Computers/Tech)

As a daily computer user and full time digital entrepreneur there is only one choice for me – Apple. I switched to Macs years ago and I really can’t live with PC’s anymore.  Beyond the main Imac itself I also love the entire Apple product range and rely on my Ipad and Ipod also. They seldom let me down and on the rare times they do the Apple Store has sorted me out in a way that also meets and exceeds my standards of quality.

qualitySo you can probably see that I’m hard to please. That carries through to business for me too: The companies I choose to promote as an affiliate or to invest in for training, mentoring and for the quality of the people involved.

Like cars, cameras and guitars I went through quite a few before I settled on my brands of choice- my what is quality business. Like those things, some of the businesses I invested in early on were duds, or broke down constantly or were otherwise unreliable.  It’s part of the process unfortunately but hey – that’s life.

The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy are by a million miles the winners for me as regards training, affiliate business and the calibre of people they attract into their community. They have earned their place among the brands I’ve mentioned above. Quality just shines through everything they do and in fact they insist upon it.

I could wax lyrical about the mindset, the training and support, the mentoring, the commission structure, the constant improvements and upgrades to the back office business systems and value offered to members but why not check it out for yourself? Sign up for a series of complimentary videos that will give you the full picture on what is quality in a training platform the link below.