The Rise and Rise Of Information Marketing

The Rise and Rise Of Information Marketing

I sent a broadcast to my subscribers on the subject of information marketing earlier today. It was prompted by some thoughts I had whilst walking to the post office when I was nearly bumped into a number of times by people intent on their mobile devices.  This made me think about the sheer volume of information that is flying around us every waking or sleeping moment these days.

information marketingInformation has become a prime currency to us all, and a valuable one to Internet marketers. We live in an age where we have never had such easy access to information – we used to call this the information super highway but it’s more like the information atmosphere now!

The Advantages of Information Marketing

All this information represents opportunity. Ok so a lot of it is just junk – texts and emails to friends and relatives, but so much more of it is an exchange of valued information that people want to consume in a digital format – a format that lets them get it NOW, wherever and whenever they want it. A lot of this “stuff” flying invisibly around us is actually commerce: It’s money changing hands-  Hence the growth of information marketing.

The image of a butterfly net came in to my head as I thought that digital marketing is basically just the capture and monetizing of all this traffic. – like catching butterflies almost – not that I ever have….. I’m thinking about Ben from the classic TV show Butterflies.

The kinds of information that people want will pay for is almost limitless and so (logically enough) are the companies providing it.  Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, start an online business, train your dog or teach English online, there are products available digitally to suit you. A lot of these products are sold on an affiliate basis and represent simple and inexpensive information marketing business opportunities to online marketers.

This is true also for the higher value information that people are prepared to pay a premium for. Learning how to do digital marketing being a case in point. Here’s a great example from a recent video on the subject by Stuart Ross – co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors.

Whilst working and escaping the great British weather on Mauritius he filmed a series of videos about digital information marketing – high value products in particular. In one of these videos he made this analogy.

Information marketing – An Expert Opinion

He pointed out across the Indian Ocean to another island – one where things are not so good. Imagine he suggested, that you want to get from that island to the luxurious, beautiful he was on.

You could swim and scramble your way across – painful and dangerous, given the jagged coral and sharks, but doable. Imagine though that someone offered information on building a canoe.  Much better. Imagine further that some one offered information on how to build a jet ski – way better. Both solutions fulfil the same need but the second is going to get you there far quicker and in far more comfort. More expensive yes but if you really want to get there as soon as possible and can afford the jet ski  ……

selling digital information

The fact as this example shows, is that plenty of people want to learn how to live the type of lifestyle that lets people like Stuart make a living (in his case a fortune) from wherever they want to.  This is what Stuart and Jay Kubassek’s company does. But there would be no point in trying to market this to people who would rather swim across to the nicer island than pay for a jet ski. That in essence is at the heart of high ticket digital information marketing – or butterfly catching I guess – you want the best butterflies – the best information – the best training. You want SFM.

Find out more with some free video information here.