The Sales Funnel – Why Tracking Is Vital

sales funnelIn a recent master marketing webinar by Guy and Ilan Feldman of Satori Prime they gave a superb insight into the importance of tracking the sales funnel. Actually a pretty dry subject in its own right but absolute gold dust to a digital marketer – any marketer in fact. It’s really the essence of success and to quote the guys themselves – If you’re not tracking you’re not marketing.

It all starts with the sales funnel. This one of the big advantages of digital marketing – It’s a process whereby initial leads – generated by advertising campaigns are taken through a series of automated follow ups which contain op-tin points leading to the back end sale – the big one. This might start with the lead opting in to receive a free gift, which also subscribes them to a follow up series of emails/videos etc.

At various points in the funnel the sales process continues with say, a basic membership scaling up through several possible upgrades to an endpoint – the main sale or objective. So where does tracking come in?

Is There A Problem With The Sales Funnel? Where? Do You Know?

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The other big advantage of digital marketing is that tracking can come in anywhere in the process. If the sales are not coming in then there is a problem with the sales funnel – simples. So if you can look at where leads are losing interest, opting out, unsubscribing or simply not buying anything then you can do something about it. Add more value for instance. Remember if they came into the system at the start then there was an interest of some kind.

If you got the initial pitch right and people responded at the start of the funnel then it’s working on that level at least. Your message hit home with the chosen audience. If they are not taking the next step though then that needs looking at. It’s really a case of making each step fit with the big picture. Great marketing is congruent all the way through a sales funnel – not too salesy, exactly what the audience wants to see and hear and basically doing what it says on the tin.

Guy and Ilan explained how they actually use tracking to work things back as well. The very nature of a sales funnel process is that its wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. If you study and track results at the early stages you can actually adjust the advertising so that it attracts more of the end result people in the first place.

Sales Funnel Tracking On Facebook

As an example: You create a Facebook ad with a large audience of both men and women aged between 30 and 50 in 5 countries with a couple of relevant interests. Tracking the results with the statistics provided by FB shows that one country was markedly less receptive. You then create 4 separate campaigns – one each for the remaining countries. Track those. Respond to the results. Maybe you end up with even more campaigns each with different demographics. Track those. Respond to the results …

If you are promoting a high-ticket product like a training programme you are looking for a very specific type of person with very specific needs. Good tracking of campaigns can really help to achieve that goal – and that really is the living on the beach outcome. You’ve identified the right people by carefully tracking a campaign and making the necessary adjustments. Then it’s just a case of scaling up and repeating.

Satori Prime – Guy and Ilan – are partnered with The Six Figure mentors and Digital Experts Academy so members get the benefit of their experience in tracking, the sales funnel and all thing digital marketing. Find out more for free on the link below.

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