The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich

getting rich

I’ve been re reading an old book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace T Wattles who was part of the new thought movement in the early 1900’s. Although first published in 1910 the book is still in print and still has some valuable messages about wealth, business and the way we tend to look at our rights or entitlement to wealth. The author suggests that we can’t really live full lives without getting rich.

The book focuses on how we should be concentrating on creation rather than competitiveness which is surprisingly relevant in modern times particularly when it comes to creating income via technology – the internet. It makes us think about how much abundance there actually is and that getting rich is possible for anyone that wants it.

“You must get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create, not to compete for what is already created”.

Getting Rich – Your Duty to the World

Quite enlightened thinking for its time really I think and very much in line with how the new breed of digital entrepreneurs looks at business. Competitive business comes from a very reactive mindset and has actually, if you think about it been a primary cause of the recession we are living through now.

Business A undercuts business B, Business A retaliates and so a vicious circle begins and eventually A or B can’t compete on price any more – overheads don’t tend to go down in traditional business after all. Its not a good model and leads to redundancy, loss of quality and the decimation of entire industries.

With creative business models however there is no competition because particularly with online businesses, there is no need to compete in the traditional way. An online entrepreneur is selling himself as a brand and as there can only be one of him – no competition.

The book has a slightly esoteric side to it as it talks a lot about “the formless substance” from which all things are created. “A person can form things in his thought and by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created”. Heavy stuff ! but just a fancy way of pointing out that everything in the world started life as a thought or idea. Obviously we have to do more than just keep thinking about an idea for it to be made real but it is nevertheless true.

Getting Rich without Competition

getting rich

These days we can actually turn our ideas or thoughts into a business very easily with the help of all the technology (once just someone’s thoughts) we have at our disposal. We live in an age of information after all – we have almost instant access to any information we want and so that information can be made into digital products. Customers can get those products quickly and easily in digital form: Training courses, ebooks, video, music ……. The list is endless. Getting rich has never been easier in many ways.

We can build our shop windows (websites) and fill them with products in a matter or hours. We can find our ideal customers and what they want easily too – often they volunteer that info on social media platforms – so we can simply look for a need that a certain group people have and make a business out of addressing that need.

The Science of Getting Rich is a free download for members of the Digital Experts Academy which is where I got mine but it’s well worth tracking down if you’d like to look at your own opinions on wealth. I think it will open your eyes and despite it being over 100 years old it makes more sense now than it probably did then in my opinion. Find out more about the Digital Experts Academy on the link below.