Getting Too Self-absorbed And Missing The point?

Getting Too Self-absorbed And Missing The point ?

self-absorbedThe subject of my 90-day video challenge today (day 32) came about by accident – luckily enough since I was struggling for a topic – and came as a timely reminder to self not to get too self-absorbed And to make better use of my Google calendars. You see my dad phoned and in his inimitable style laid a well- deserved guilt trip on me: I had forgotten that my dear old mum had been in hospital to have a cataract removed from one of her eyes.

How the hell could I forget something like that? I’ll tell you how: Because I am just too self – absorbed in building my online business. A crap excuse I know, particularly since this is not the kind of business where you are tied to any particular working hours.

Use Google Calendars To Keep It Real

google calendarsI don’t (until now) keep a diary as such as I don’t have a lot of meetings to attend or other time based things to do – just a to do list. So really there is no excuse for missing the important things in life, which ironically is why most people start an online business – to have more time freedom to err… spend with loved ones!

What makes this even more of a Doh! Moment is that I was on one of Jay Kubassek’s webinars recently, which was largely about scheduling, using Google calendars etc. Although I’m no where near as busy him just yet – he fills in all his key dates (like important days for close relatives) a year ahead – He made a good point and one that I made a note (somewhere or other) to take action on myself.

The plus side of working and living in an entirely different way to most of the traditional world – as a digital entrepreneur- is this lack of “written in stone” schedule like a 9-5, Mon-Fri job. The downside to that is well – this lack of  “written in stone” schedule like a 9-5, Mon-Fri job – more irony!

In reality there is really no escape form some form of structure to the days, weeks and months although in this game it doesn’t need to written on stone. If you’re doing it right then a lot of the work is done in chunks that then go out into Internet land to start working away for you 24/7.

No More Excuses For The Self-absorbed

As the Internet does not sleep, you can do your chunks of work whenever you want: So there is no excuse for missing something that does have a specific time.  So it’s a diary for me although probably on the Ipad and Google calendar.

On the plus side all this flexibility of working times did mean that I was able to jump in the car , shoot up to the parental home via the florists and, mixed bunch and humble pie in hand, make amends.  Mum was fine as it turns out – a relatively minor op but not pleasant – like my mum I’m a bit skittish about the idea of eye tampering.

Moral of the story? – If you tend toward getting over absorbed in your business but can actually take time out for important stuff pretty much whenever you like – make sure you do! Get it in your Google calendars or whatever you use.