Selling Techniques – ABC And Other Bullshit


Selling Techniques – ABC And Other Bullshit


selling techniquesToday I watched the rush hour go by then headed out to do a photo assignment for an insurance company. I do these from time to time, mainly as an excuse to get away from the home office for an hour or two but they also keep the car in petrol and give me opportunities to shoot some video from different locations. It also gives me constant gratitude for the work life balance I have as a digital entrepreneur. Today I was reminded of the world of selling techniques – the old world that is.

The job today took me a few miles along the M8 to a car sales emporium where the car was being stored and repaired. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Glasgow so I folded the roof down on the Z3 and enjoyed a short but fun drive in the sun. I should point out that these jobs tend to be for lightly damaged cars so nothing too grim awaits.

Anyway when I got there I had a short wait while the car was brought round and found myself pondering the life of a car salesman in one of these massive forecourts. Although I spent quite a few years in sales, it was never at the sharp end of the stick – the shark pool these guys inhabit and the hard selling techniques they live by. No offence intended by the way if that’s what you do, but I think you would at least agree that it’s a hard game.


High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Most car sales people work 6 days a week – more if they want to – and this includes bank and public holidays. With a low or no basic salary every commission is hard won so every hour spent on the sales field of battle is precious. Yes there is lots of money to be made if you can cut it but there aren’t many second chances given and, as I noted today, there aren’t many “older’ sales guys on these forecourts.

I once went for an interview for a car sales job and remember the sales manager asking me if I had any hobbies. I replied that I did a lot of photography, played in a band, recorded music and loved to travel and occasionally climb a hill. He told me I’d have to more or less forget all that in this game for the reasons above. How I ran from that place!

No Hard Selling Techniques In the Digital Marketing World

So as I waited for the car to be brought round I was thinking how the guys who excel at this stuff could be doing much better in the world of online marketing., particularly in high-ticket affiliate marketing: They are hard working, ambitious and have big goals – all part of the training and mindset – very much like entrepreneurs have.

I realize that sales professionals thrive in the field so possibly running a home based online business wouldn’t replace the cut and thrust of traditional sales in the field or on the forecourt. What it would replace however would be many many, many hours spent prowling the territory, chasing up prospects, phoning people at home on Friday nights, and worrying about hitting targets.

An online business isn’t an easy option – it’s certainly not “money for old rope” as some people still think, but in comparison to a commission based, hard sales gig it’s a walk in the park in my humble opinion.

Anyone that’s in that environment has the qualities to succeed in the world of digital marketing. They would need to re-skill and apply the same sort of mindset and consistent action that they clearly have but they would, I’m sure be soon enjoying a far better quality of life. There are too many cars on the road as it is ! – Get a life – A digital life. Click the link below to find out more.


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