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SFM attraction marketing

The SFM Attraction Marketing  Style – Pandora’s Box

SFM attraction marketingThe great power of the Internet is that you are able to communicate with the entire connected world – or as much of it as you can work out how to reach. Given that, I found it quite ironic when someone very local to me who had joined my SFM list via a Facebook ad contacted me. We ended up meeting for a beer in The Pandora on Friday afternoon.

Actually my ad had targeted Glasgow entrepreneurs so I guess it’s no big surprise. It does though provide a great example of how good the SFM attraction marketing training platform really is. Here’s why.

First of all before founding SFM, Stuart Ross made a fortune as an affiliate marketer but he did things very differently than many of his peers. Instead of playing the numbers – running Google ads that generated tons of cheap leads and letting automated systems do the rest – he went for a more personal approach. We could call that the SFM attraction marketing approach.

How Attraction Marketing Works  

SFM attraction marketingHe spent a lot of time researching his target audience, building relationships with them and giving them the opportunity to know, like and trust him. In other words he treated his leads as the people they actually are.

His thinking was that it’s better establish a need for products and services before actually putting them in front of people with paid advertising. If you understand a market properly then it’s easier to identify with them and offer them things they actually want.

In a membership or team based business opportunity in particular, like SFM, this makes perfect sense. With a good idea of the type of people it would suit, and the kind of people you actually want to work with, life is so much easier and enjoyable. It’s telling rather than selling. A.K.A attraction marketing.

That’s what informs everything that’s taught about laser targeted marketing in SFM. You don’t try and sell things to everyone and their granny, you find the people who are looking for whatever you are promoting and put it in front of them. During that process you ask them to subscribe to your list and you continue to provide value to them until they are ready to buy from you.

 Attraction Marketing Worldwide Or On Your Doorstep 

That’s how I found myself having a great couple of hours with a subscriber and future team member last Friday. It’s how I find myself having similar conversations on Skype with people from all over the world.All down to SFM attraction marketing training.

So back to the plot: Friday’s meeting resulted from me following the process above. After a couple of emails back and forth we’d established that we lived very near each other and eventually arranged to catch up.

Thanks to the regular emails, broadcasts, videos and bogs I share with my list, my subscriber knew what I looked like so no need for funny hats or pink carnations! When we met he said that he felt he already knew me so there was very little ice to break.

Telling – Not Selling 

During our chat I discovered that he had been on another SFM members list for a while but that he just preferred my approach. Obviously the chance to meet face to face had some bearing on that too. He’d also done a lot of research on SFM so he was very clued up to Stuart’s SFM attraction marketing methods and liked what he had seen so far.

It also became very apparent that this was a person very suited to this particular business. He’d done the usual MLM and networking marketing stuff we all do first. He also had a strong business background and had studied marketing (he has a degree in Psychology and is currently a consultant in that field) He had also done very well in Richard Branson’s entrepreneur competition, making it to the “Island” shortlist.

Aside from all that, on a personal level we had a fair bit in common so really this was a lot like having a couple of beers with a friend on a Friday afternoon. I went through the questions he had about SFM and DEA but this was nothing like a business meeting. There was no big – will there be a sale? – Elephant in the room.

That then is why I’m a big fan of Stuart Ross’s SFM attraction marketing style. His SFM platform provides an education in that style – a style that has made him and many of his students very wealthy. To find out more about this combination digital marketing education and digital business system click on the image below. You’ll be able to sign up for a free 7 day video introduction.

By Dave Menzies

SFM Attraction Marketing