SFM Momentum Day 2015

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SFM Momentum Day No9 – Awesome

SFM Momentum Day

Mom9 or the 9th SFM Momentum day 2015 event was held in London last weekend at the new home venue Crowne Plaza Heathrow. I made the long journey from Innellan by road, boat, more road and air to get there. I’m so glad I did for so many reasons.

If you’re not familiar with SFM never mind an SFM momentum day event, they are regular events held for members and affiliate partners of the online marketing community that is SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and partner company DEA (Digital Experts academy. Founded by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek it’s a combination digital education platform and internet lifestyle business.

An SFM Momentum day event gives the founders and members a chance to get together for a day and night every quarter. They are held in the UK, USA and Australia. An SFM momentum day event is a heady mix of presentations, networking and celebration.

The SFM Momentum Day 2015  rounded off a 4 day Platinum brand incubator workshop. Some of the people who had been on that journey stayed on for Momentum day were able to share that experience with us.

SFM Momentum Day – Comfort Zones Be Damned!

SFM Momentum Day 2015

Connor gets out of his comfort zone. Photo credit Tony-Carmen Matthews

I was particularly inspired by the testimonial from one of the company’s newest members Connor aged 20 who I chatted with at dinner. He had just invested a not inconsiderable sum of money to position himself at the highest level possible in the DEA affiliate programme. He had also attended the Platinum event, was speaking in front of a room full of people for the first time and was in fact travelling alone for the first time!

“I’m well out of comfort zone here” he said with obvious nerves “But I’m doing it anyway – this is just amazing and I feel like this is my home”. It’s never easy to convey this sort of stuff on paper but trust me the applause was deafening.

The first time I was at an SFM momentum day event I found it odd when a few people recognized me and vice versa. Although I’d been an affiliate for some months I’d only ever seen other members on social media, video or the odd Goggle Hangout. It’s amazing how much changes over a year – lots of people recognised me this time many of whom I’ve never met anywhere.




I guess one of the most memorable was Stuart Ross himself who shook my hand at the door and congratulated me on my recent sales results. He did take the micky out of my Scottish accent in the bar later but explained that he has a very immature sense of humour. Me too so that’s cool.

SFM Momentum Day 2015 – Jay Kubassek

SFM Momentum Day 2015Jay Kubassek’s opening presentation was as moving as it was inspiring. He explained that he is not the uber organised superhuman that people assume a multi millionaire internet entrepreneur must be. He illustrated that using some pictures of the chaos that was his hotel room after a week of workshops and meetings.

Then he had us in stitches with a “poor me” account of the 1st world problems he had experienced the night before: No room service, noisy aircon, hungry, tired, uncomfortable pillows…… etc. Then he told us, unable to sleep with all these awful frustrations, he turned on the TV.

The first thing that came on was news coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis. These people as we know, are experiencing real problems. Problems that immediately put Jay’s 1st world dilemmas to shame.

He went on to talk about how privileged we are – in general but in particular those of us in room. We are able to “Rent a spaceship” by leveraging a multi million dollar education and business system after all. We are not the ones walking hundreds of miles towards who knows what.

After a coffee break Stuart Ross had the unenviable task of following Kuba’s presentation. He didn’t let us down. Stuart’s main presentation for SFM Momentum day 2015 was equally inspiring.

Stuart Ross On Brules, Blissipline and Mooky….

SFM Momentum Day 2015In turns, funny, insightful, thought provoking and hard hitting, he talked about how happiness leads to success. He covered in detail his own journey from a successful but unfulfilling career in real estate to massive success online. He identified the times (including now) when he was genuinely “in his flow”.

These were not necessarily the times when he had 2 Porches in the drive of his fancy house or when he was on month long travels to Thailand and Mauritius. He introduced us to some new terms: Brules (Bullshit rules) Blisscipline (bliss and discipline) and Mooky (Morning sex) – well he did make a lot of money in the online dating industry.

After the main presentations from Jay and Stu SFM Momentum day 2015 broke for lunch. When we returned we headed out to the garden for a group photo. Then there were some testimonials from a few of the Platinum incubator workshop attendees, a fantastic QnA session and some award presentations for the current top earners.

After the “formal” part of SFM momentum day 2015 ended the bar opened and some of us , myself included, recorded some video testimonials. Then more than 50 of us elected to stay for a curry served in the conference room. Following that the bar was pretty busy till the wee hours.

SFM Momentum Day – Over too Soon as Always : (

So far too soon SFM momentum day 2015 was over. Although I spoke to tons of people I couldn’t get round everyone I’d intended to. I’ve again come away with much more than that temporary buzz a self-development or “rah rah” type of event. It’s re-affirmed that I’m part of a remarkable community of friends who just happen to be digital entrepreneurs.

Mere words can never relay the experience of a live event – that’s the point of them really. Sad but true – you have to be there.

You can however have a look at my video diary of the SFM Momentum day 2015 on the link below. There is a link in the video you can click on to get the SFM’s free introductory video series – a game changer for me and many others.

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By Dave Menzies