Six Figure Mentors Reviewed

six figure mentors reviewed for a year

Six Figure Mentors Reviewed One Year In

Six Figure Mentors ReviewedToday I wanted to write my one year review of the Six Figure Mentors programme. Actually I’ve been a member for 14 months at this point and have recently upgraded to the Gold level in the partner programme Digital Experts Academy. I wanted to give an honest impression of my journey so far for anyone who may be considering joining.

I’ll start by possibly saving you some time. This isn’t a programme in the usual sense. It’s in no way a fast track to making buckets of money online with little or no work – it’s serious stuff. If you are looking for an “opportunity” style internet programme that’s based around a new idea designed to generate online income with hardly any work this isn’t for you.

On the other hand if you are a serious, driven and entrepreneurial individual who is prepared to commit some time and money to your education then it definitely is worth considering. If you are prepared to steadily build a sustainable, life enhancing new career with all that entails then I doubt you’ll find anything better out there.

Deciding If SFM Is For You 

Still reading? Good. This Six Figure Mentors reviewed one year in post is going to be an honest, “from the trenches” account of my experience so far. If you haven’t yet looked at the business you can read my quick overview of the business and founders here. If you have however then read on.

When I came across the SFM I’d done the false starts. I’d made a little money but had come to realise that I had a lot to learn and I really wanted to. A friend introduced me. I asked him a lot of questions and was interested enough to sign up for their free video series.

As I progressed through the videos I was hooked – this looked like exactly what I was looking for: A thorough education in what digital marketing really is coupled with a high value and very ethical affiliate business.

The SFM and DEA Education 

Six Figure Mentors Reviewed

SFM Momentum Day – photo credit Martyn Hickey

After signing up as a basic member and after seeing what that provided, decided quickly that I also wanted to partner with Stuart and Jay as an affiliate. I upgraded to DEA Silver, putting myself in a position to earn $1000 per sale.

Then I worked through all of the training modules setting up my profile, authority website, blog and auto responder system. I then proceeded to work through all of the training videos, which cover all aspects of digital marketing. I learned about list building, paid and unpaid advertising and the host of strategies they entail.

During this time I began marketing using what I’d learned. I generated several sales of both basic memberships and Elite DEA partnerships and covered my initial costs quite soon. I did this via free email marketing using a list of business seekers that I had from a previous enterprise.

The Gains After 6 Months 

For the next 6 months I continued to hone my skills and began blogging regularly both on my own website and on the provided blogging platform Digital Bloggers. I followed the training and set up a Facebook page and Youtube channel. I started to learn about Facebook advertising and video marketing and dipped my toe in both.

I also joined the SFM private community and got to know a lot of fellow members who I found approachable and helpful. I joined a number of community forums and groups on specific topics.

In January 2013 I attended the Momentum day in London where I met a lot of the people I’d been getting to know and Jay Kubassek in person. That was an amazing couple of days – here is my video diary of the event.

Following that I’ve been learning a lot both from the regular training webinars, founders calls and various forums. I’ve joined and taken part in hangouts, recorded over 80 videos, written 200+ blog posts, and run a number of advertising campaigns. I’ve also gradually built and developed a subscriber list which produces sales monthly.

Personal Development 

Six Figure Mentors ReviewedI’ve also learned a lot about myself and undertaken a fair bit of personal development. This is a key part of the SFM and DEA ethos – I’ve come to understand just how important this side of entrepreneurship really is. I’ve met some truly amazing people from all over the world. My circle of influence now includes millionaires, professional coaches and mentors and inspiring entrepreneurs.

As a Gold member (fnar!) I get one to one mentoring from some impressive people. My own referrer has been very successful and is extremely generous with his time and experience and I have weekly consultations with some of the top people in this industry.

Am I rich yet? No but I’m on the right path to it with the right people. Am I happy? Yes: I work for myself running a business that is based on who I am. I don’t commute, I don’t have a boss and I’m in the industry of the future. I can create online businesses in any niche, build websites, coach others and have numerous skills that I didn’t have 14 months ago.

How Have Things Changed? 

Six Figure Mentors ReviewedOver the last 14 months I’ve also seen the SFM and DEA continue to add more tools, more resources and more value to their members. They have added a wealth of new internet marketing tools. The training, liaison, marketing funnels and support has got better and better (these guys are perfectionists) at no extra cost and the quality of people the business attracts is awesome.

This October SFM will launch 5 additional exclusive retail products that members can generate income from. The compensation plan has been revised to offer affiliates at every level more income potential and more marketing materials have been tested and introduced.

So to sum up. I find it hard to find any negatives here. I would say one thing though. Six Figure Mentors, as the name suggests is geared towards people who want to replace or generate that level of income by mastering digital marketing. Ask anyone who has done that if it was easy and they’ll tell you it wasn’t.

Simple – Not Easy

Getting to that level in the online world is not easy – it’s simple but not easy: You learn the process and repeat it. Then you scale it. SFM and DEA provide everything you need and tell you how to do it. But they don’t do it for you. No one can. As I said at the start this is a long-term commitment. If you can bring determination and drive coupled with a strong “why” to the party, these guys will get you there.

Dacia or Rolls Royce?

A lot of people join and find it’s harder than they thought to become financially independent – even on the Internet. They cant or won’t stay the course. That brings us to the “marketing” bit in digital marketing. Running a successful SFM business depends on attracting the people it’s designed for. Easy opportunity seekers will run screaming from it.

It’s a little like selling a Rolls Royce so there is little point in promoting SFM and DEA to the Dacia market. Then again Stuart and Jay’s aim here is to create independence not reliance on their affiliate business or any other. Their education and business systems, particularly at Gold level and beyond arm individuals with the tools to do that. Most successful digital marketers learn how to find and promote products for Dacia and Rolls Royce buyers alike..

(Hint: There’s more money in the Rolls….)

So thats the Six Figure Mentors reviewed. I hope my one year review of the SFM and DEA has been comprehensive and useful to you. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss it further. Better still sign up first fro their complimentary video series as I did and see if you like the cut of their jib.