Starting An Internet Business In Safe Hands

starting an internet business

Starting An Internet Business – Bypass The Cowboys

starting an internet businessLoads of people dream of starting an internet business but never take it past the dreaming stage. It’s understandable given the negativity they probably encounter from friends and family when they float the idea out loud. That’s a real shame because things are a lot different now than they were in the bad old days of the dot com boom and bust, churn and burn mentality.

In those days the internet hadn’t made the sort of impact on the world that it has since. Most people saw it as a fad – something that wouldn’t last. Look at us now. Most of us are almost hard wired to the internet for large parts of our waking lives.

We go there for information, to buy goods and services and to communicate with each other no matter where in the world we are. It has literally changed the world. Starting an internet business now is a far more realistic proposition. It’s almost like training to be a plumber – albeit a very well paid plumber who picks his own hours, where he works from and his ideal customers.. It’s easier, far less risky and offers a far more desirable way of living than a traditional business or job.

Some argue that this internet led, technological take over has had a lot of negative effects. They say that it’s led to massive job losses as it replaces the need for human interaction. That’s true and is set to continue. These people miss the fact that it also offers massive, never seen before opportunity. It’s like the industrial revolution all over again but bigger, better and much, much faster.

Starting An Internet Business Makes Sense In The New Industrial Revolution

starting an internet businessFew of us would argue that the industrial revolution was a good thing would we? That would be like saying that the wheel is a bad thing. 10 or 20 years ago people starting an internet business were pioneers. Like most early adopters they were risk takers and visionaries. It’s a very different landscape now.

Yes there are still plenty of snake oil salesmen out there on the internet. Whilst there are still people gullible enough to believe that for just $97 they can make a million in a week, there will always be people lining up to take their money. That’s true in any walk of life or business. Luckily most of us are much more savvy now and the Internet is becoming a difficult place for these people to exist.

The fact is though that making money online these days in a honest, businesslike way is not that difficult. It’s just a process and one that can be learned and applied by anyone. When you learn that process starting an Internet business these days is inexpensive, fast and surprising simple.

Think about what happens when you buy something online. You start by searching for what you want in a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. You are presented with a mass of results. So you pick one and click on it to find out more. Then you are taken to a website, landing page or sales page where you can, if it fits your needs and you like what you see, go ahead and buy it.

Shorten The learning Curve to Starting An Internet Business

starting an internet businessThat’s the process. You’ve just made someone some money. That person wasn’t there in person. They might not even be awake and they could be anywhere in the world. If you didn’t buy the product or service right then, chances are you’ll have been added to a mailing list. You’ll continue to get information from that business owner until such times as you do buy something from them (not necessarily the thing you were after in the first place) or you unsubscribe from that list.

That too is a process – an automated process. Starting an Internet business involves learning how to leverage that process. You can probably see that if you have that process happening repeatedly, day and night, all over the world, on autopilot, things can get exciting. Even more so when you consider that starting an Internet business doesn’t even require you to have your own products. You can sell other people’s for commission. That’s what millions of people are doing on Ebay and Amazon for example.

Tools, Systems & Training

Of course it’s not quite that simple. You need the tools and systems. Then, more importantly you need to learn the best ways to use them. It’s all very well having great products to sell, whether they are yours or someone else’s. You still need to get peoples eyes on them. You need to be able to get that click.

That’s Internet marketing. It takes many forms but you don’t need to master them all. If you are thinking starting an internet business you’ll find it much easier if you can get all the training, tools, resources and systems in one place.

That place is the Six Figure Mentors, a company founded by two Internet multi-millionaires who saw the potential of the Internet back in 2007/2008. They have built a membership community for Internet entrepreneurs which provides absolutely everything that’s needed in starting an Internet business.

Click on the link below you’ll see a video from them explaining how they have helped thousands of people start successful online businesses and how they could help you do the same.

By Dave Menzies