Starting An Online Business And NOT Quitting

Starting An Online Business And NOT Quitting


I had to laugh yesterday. I wrote recently about people’s reluctance to invest money by starting an online business or indeed any form of self development that actually makes money work whilst happily spending money on so many things that are basically similar to simply burning the money.

I decided to shoot a quick video on the subject while collecting my car from the MOT centre as I had used keeping an unnecessary car on the road to illustrate my point. Anyway I duly shot the video of me in unshaven, grizzled Glaswegian mode, picked the car up (after parting with quite a few readies) and headed home to upload it.

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Stuart Ross in Mauritius yesterday

Before logging in to Youtube I glanced at Facebook and saw that Stuart Ross had just posted an impromptu video too – about starting an online business and why people who do, often give up.  What made me chuckle was that his was shot in Mauritius where on a whim he had decanted to in order to escape the crappy UK weather. The juxtaposition between that and me walking into an industrial estate in grey and raining Glasgow was priceless.

The Antidote To Starting An Online Business and Quitting

Anyway since my mentor has definitely trumped me there I’ll share what he was broadcasting from the Indian Ocean! He was grizzled an unshaven too by the way but he has a good 20 years on me and it’s easier to carry that off in a tee shirt and baseball cap with palm trees in the background.

So after telling us that he’d just spent the last couple of hours reading in a hammock, Stuart delivered a typically helpful video on the subject of why people fail soon after  starting an online business.  As he says there are loads of statistics bandied about on this subject, some suggesting ia fail rate as high as 97% – I believe new restaurants have a similar fail rate. No one actually knows the real numbers and some of these figures are used for marketing purposes anyway.

Pitfalls of Starting An Online Business “On The Side”

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In Stuart’s opinion, which I definitely share, it’s not a case of failing; it’s a case of giving up or quitting. The reasons for this are many but in his experience the main one is a lack of NEED for the new online business to succeed. Many people start an online business on a spare time – if it works it works – if it doesn’t I still have the day job basis.

The people who succeed most often are the ones who need it to work.  They are possibly in the last chance saloon or have simply committed wholeheartedly to it and have the second key to success – a very big vision.

Our man in Mauritius can refer to the thousands of entrepreneurs that have been his students so he does know what he’s talking about. He says in his video that the ones who have been motivated by the desire to put a new car on the drive or pay for a couple more holidays are generally the ones who give up when they don’t see the quick results (that no one told them to expect anyway)

So in short then if failure is an option – because the day job is OK and the bills and even some luxuries are covered, the online business easily becomes a hobby to tire of after a hard day at the office.  If on the other hand failure or quitting is not an option then success might not be guaranteed but is far more likely.

For many more wise words from Stuart Ross and his business partner Jay Kubassek click on the image below and get their complimentary videos. These explain how starting an online business and not quitting could lead to you shooting videos in the Bahamas in the not too distant future.

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