Stuart Ross On the Internet Scam Question

Contentious Question: Is SFM An Internet Scam? 

internet scamOf all the questions you want answered when looking at an internet business the first is probably “Is this an Internet scam?” Am I right? The Internet scam after all is the dark side of what is now a vast and growing industry and you need to ask the right questions to avoid them. Here’s what an industry leader suggests.

When I logged into my SFM back yesterday I found a new series of videos by Stuart Ross answering that and many other common questions. These are now the first thing anyone sees when they log in. That’s incredibly useful for anyone who has successfully applied to join the company and is taking advantage of their 30 day “try before you buy” refund policy.

Co-founder Stuart Ross answers the internet scam question and many more in video interview format in his usual straight talking, BS free style. It would be unfair to applicants to show all of these videos but I have copied the Internet Scam one, which you can watch here or by clicking any of the images.

In addition to the “Is this an Internet scam” video, Stuart also answers these questions:

The Internet Scam and Other Essential Questions 

“What is affiliate marketing”

“Do I need any previous experience?”

“How quickly can I make money?”

“Can I do this around my job?”

“What Kind of business can I build?”

“What type of products can I sell”

“Can this help me build my existing business?”

“Am I too old for this?”

“What makes SFM different?”

“What kind of support do I get?”

“How much time do I need to spend on it?”

“Do I need to sell SFM products to make money?”

“How long does it take to get set up?”

“Do you do live events?”

“Do I need a marketing budget?”

“Do I need to do any personal selling?”

A Common Sense Safeguard 

Whether you are looking at SFM and DEA or any other serious online business partnership, these are the questions to ask.

SFM charge you $29.95 to apply. It’s a risk free fee as it carries a 30-day refund guarantee. This is actually a very sensible policy for both SFM and for applicants. Why?

From the applicants point of view it gives them a 30 day period to thoroughly evaluate the training, business systems and value on offer. It also gives them the option to arrange a phone or Skype call with an SFM business consultant. From the company’s point of view it cuts down on the tyre kicking fraternity.

These new videos provide further value by addressing the most frequently asked questions. The fact that Stuart Ross himself is answering these questions, like “Is this an internet Scam” himself is a refreshing change from a text based FAQ section.

See Stuart Ross’s answer to “Is this an internet scam” by following this link or by clicking the image in this post. The vide description contains a link to the SFM application page should you be interested in evaluating it.


By Dave Menzies