The 9-5 Is Outdated

The 9-5 Is Outdated

The 9-5 Is Outdated (And A Bit Silly)

The 9-5 Is Outdated

Stuart Ross – SFM and DEA Co-founder

The 9-5 is outdated – a redundant working pattern designed for the industrial age. So say lots of people. Specifically modern Internet entrepreneurs like SFM and DEA co-founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. I heard both argue the point very convincingly at their Momentum day event in London last weekend. I should point out that I agree wholeheartedly – I haven’t 9-5ed for several years. But how does the ordinary person find an alternative?

The answer is by transitioning to the digital world – the one we access through our devices and computer screens: The one that we can access from anywhere and at any time; the one that connects us to the entire world. The 9-5 is outdated because of this new revolution after all – in the same way that workhorses were outdated by the industrial revolution. So all we need to do is go with the flow and evolve with it. At the moment it’s a choice thing but in the not too distant future it wont be.

But if the 9-5 is outdated then so is the education system built to feed it. Obviously then, that won’t be a good place to go to learn the alternatives. For that we need to go to people like the SFM and DEA I mentioned above. They’ve been embracing and profiting from the Internet for years.

We Really Cant Spare The Time For 9-5 Anymore

The 9-5 Is Outdated

Jay Kubbasek, SFM and DEA Co-founder

I realised that 9-5 is outdated as a way to earn a living the first time I made a sale online. That first sale netted me a mammoth £12 profit – hardly life changing, but it showed what is possible. Since then I’ve made several times in one day what I used to earn in a month of 9-5ing as a business development executive.

That really does cut the ties between time and money. A blog post, a video or social media post can generate income at any time of the day or night. You don’t even need to be awake to earn money now. And that’s before we even consider the unprecedented power of Internet advertising. For an entrepreneur the potential ROI and scalability possible on platforms like Google, Youtube and Facebook is truly inspiring.

But it’s not just about money. More importantly it’s about time itself. The 9-5 is outdated because it simply uses up too much of our finite time. For most people a 9-5 job also involves commuting both ways. So really an 8 hr day can become 10 or 12 hours for some. In the digital world you simply work from wherever you can connect to the Internet.

How To Get Your Time Back And Enjoy Life More

The 9-5 Is Outdated

Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek, John Jackson – Momentum Day UK 2017

Obviously there is work to be done in a digital business but it simply does not take 8 hrs a day. The work can also be re-purposed (working smart like never before) and can generate income a long time after it’s finished. The fact that so much of an online business can be automated is another factor in it’s favour.

Nowadays running an online business is fairly common. We all now know it can be done but many people just don’t know exactly how. There are still lots of misconceptions: It’s difficult, very technical, very few succeed, there are too many scams, I’m too old……. Mostly nonsense.

SFM and DEA were formed to educate individuals and businesses on how online business actually works. As well as providing real world, up to date training, they also provide high-income potential partnerships at various levels. If you agree that the 9-5 is outdated and would like to learn more about the alternatives click the link below. You’ll be able to register for a series of free videos from SFM and DEA that will seriously open your eyes to what is possible.


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