The Impact of Technology – What Will Business Be Like In A Hundred Years ?

The Impact of Technology  – The Story So far

digital marketing trainingAn online colleague and friend from New Zealand messaged me on Facebook yesterday asking if I could give her a quick tutorial on using Imovie – that this is easily possible speaks volumes about the impact of technology  We both own digital marketing businesses and have the same mentors. After looking at the time differences we decided on a Skype call at 8pm GMT – 7am or thereabouts in NZ.

So whilst we were having a chat before getting into the Imovie thing we both had a moment of childlike wonder at just what technology has made possible in recent years for both our personal life’s and in terms of the online business we are building thanks to it. I have to admit, having been a science fiction fan as a kid growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, I have these moments quite often.

I also wonder what business will be like – what will the impact of technology have on our lives in 100 years. Few of us will be here to see it but given what we can do now, it’s hard to conceive. We tend to take for granted that we can see, hear and write to someone who is literally as far away in the world from you as it possible to be, in real time. We can share what’s on our screens, information, links and knowledge all for the price of our broadband subscription.

The Impact of Technology On Business – It’s Not all About Sharing Pictures of Kittens

Obviously a lot of this actually mind bending technology is just used to chat, keep in touch or share amusing videos about cats (one of the most popular subjects on the internet) but what it’s done for business couldn’t have been guessed at 100 or even 20 years ago – except maybe by science fiction writers.

Let me give you an example. I could easily have recorded our conversation and my tutorial last night and re-purposed it for digital marketing (I didn’t because we hadn’t discussed doing so and were being very “casual” with the language lol ) Loaded it up to my Youtube channel with a link to a series of videos that would tell you how to learn how to do all this stuff and create a digital business.

I could have written a blog (I am obviously) containing some relevant keywords that would attract people interested in this to the blog or video and thereby to the links to the information videos about learning digital marketing and maybe someone, somewhere – anywhere – would be empowered to start a life changing online business. They would be happy and I would make some commission as an affiliate marketer of that digital marketing training platform. Thats the impact of technology at work.

Getting Your Online Business Found

My pal in New Zealand could have done the same thing and adapted it to her purposes. We are both customers of and affiliates of that very training platform after all. So we have the online business skills.

As a follow on: The person I was talking to last night posted on Facebook this morning (last night for her) that an old Facebook page she created sometime ago and hardly goes near now had inspired a guy from Perth, Australia to produce a Flashmob that has now gone viral. Check it out

So you see this worldwide connectivity – the impact of technology –  is very powerful indeed. It enables us to, as the video shows, approach life, business and how we earn our daily bread in very different ways. The possibilities that digital marketing offers are really only limited by our imagination once we start learning how to leverage what we have at our fingertips. Where it goes 100 years from now is anyone’s guess.

For now though if you would like to watch those free videos I mentioned and find out where online business is at now just click on the cute little kitty below.

impact of technology

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