The Making Money Online Process in 5 Steps

Understanding The Making Money Online Process

the making money online processThe making money online process is fairly straightforward. So simple in fact that it’s hard to understand why the “get rich quick” mentality still pervades. SFM have just updated the content in module one of their membership set up. Stuart Ross breaks down the process nicely in the new series of videos he’s put together for the SFM induction process.

Although there are lots of micro components to the making money online process, it really boils down to 5 main areas.

The 5 Steps to the Making Money Online Process


  1. Advertising 

Advertising in its many forms is the lifeblood of any business. That’s especially true of an online business. Whilst there is a learning curve involved, it’s really not a complicated process these days. Truth is though, without a system like SFM’s in place its very easy to lose money on advertising.

  1. Website

The type of website the SFM concentrates on is the landing page or squeeze page. These are the simple one page websites that advertising usually leads to in the making money online process. They are the first stage of the sales process and serve two purposes. First they continue where the advert leaves off and second they provide a means of gathering email addresses and other details. Google “Landing pages” and you will see SFM’s own Simple Lead capture product at the top of page 1.

  1. List Building

In modern marketing we want to build trust with prospective customers. By adding them to a list of subscribers, whether they buy what you are promoting right away or not, we can continue to offer value and build trust over time. This is really what separates the successful from the unsuccessful in the online industry.

  1. Value

Really this idea of providing value continues from list building. There’s lots of ways of providing value to a list of subscribers. Rather than simply spamming them with sales pitches you can build a relationship by sharing valuable content. People will always buy from people after all.

  1. Promotions – products

At the end of the day the making money online process ends with a sale. Obviously that means there needs to be products: Goods and services. The great joy of the online world is the sheer abundance of products and services available to sell. You don’t even need to have your own.

Automating The Making Money Online Process

the making money online process

The SFM business system has all of this set up ready to go. The SFM module one training videos go on to look at all of these areas in detail. They explain how by leveraging this process and these systems and tools, you can simply repeat this making money online process ad infinitum.

And the best thing about this whole business model is that it can be largely automated. That really is what the SFM’s training courses and systems are all about.

Stuart Ross, in these videos suggests that many people don’t take making money online seriously. They treat it more like a hobby than a business. That might be because it’s so easy and relatively inexpensive to get started. When you have the process set up and understand it you can be making money in minutes – in your sleep.











SFM offers a free video series about the making money online process and how they have distilled it into a step-by-step business platform. You can get that by clicking on the link below.

the making money online process




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