The Real Internet Lifestyle

the internet lifestyle

The Internet Lifestyle Is It ALL Glamour? 

the internet lifestyleYou maybe someone like me. You went looking for a better way of life and bought into the whole Internet lifestyle thing. For me it went something like this. I spent many years doing things the old way – the way I’d been taught was the only way. I worked hard at school to get some bits of paper. When I got those I went to college to get more bits of paper. I then climbed the corporate ladders. I got the incremental pay rises, the company car, the reasonably comfortable lifestyle.

But I wasn’t really satisfied. One day I realised that I’d probably got as far as I ever would within that sphere. My partner and I were seriously toying with the idea of selling everything, buying a camper van and heading for the wide blue yonder. That realisation was brutally reinforced when I was made redundant and all that I’d built up was gone overnight.

I’d seen it coming though and had been researching the internet lifestyle thing for a while. Could it really be possible to be financially independent by working just a few hours a day? From anywhere? Was there really a viable option to the 9-5, 40/40/40 lifestyle? Were all those Internet lifestyle people posing in front of Ferarri’s, mansions and yachts for real? Were they snake oil salesmen who had just rented them for a photo shoot?

The Internet Myths

the internet lifestyleBacked up by my cynical, Scottish outlook and a healthy dose of “If it looks too good to be true it probably is”, I decided to find out. I quickly filtered out all the obvious crap. The “Newly found software that turns Google into a virtual ATM!” There were plenty of similar, passive income spells and magic buttons out there. I looked for more solid online business opportunities.

I don’t intend this to be a long post about the false starts I eventually made. In a nutshell I wasted a couple of years on things that started well but ended badly. A franchised e-commerce store followed by an internet advertising based programme which married affiliate marketing to MLM. With both I made some money while they lasted. The point is though that they didn’t last. I’d caught glimpses of the internet lifestyle for sure but they were lingering…

Both experiences however were learning curves. Oddly, years later, now that I am living that lifestyle, I could have made a success of the first with what I know now. C’est la vie! My franchise site was based around wines and related products. I will never forget my first online sales commission – the princely sum of £12.94! But here’s the point: That was my end of a case of wine bought by someone in Portugal via MY website. This told me it worked and got me thinking: Better marketing and more profitable products…

The Internet Lifestyle Reality 

What I know now is that there are 2 sides to this whole internet lifestyle thing:

The sexy side – what it can make possible in terms of time, location, and financial freedom. For obvious reasons the side you see first.

The less Glamorous side: Mastering internet marketing, finding great products and services, analysing the results of advertising campaigns, testing, testing, testing – to name but a few.

It also involves some upfront investment of both time and money – whatever the mix of those you have happens to be.

But I will tell you this – it’s very, very worth it. I can’t think of a better, more accessible way for anyone who wants to start a business. Neither can I think of a better way to and take more of control your circumstances. If you have a realistic outlook, a knuckle down attitude to learning, personal development and self- investment and you treat it like a business from the start, the internet lifestyle definitely is attainable.

Full Disclosure

In the spirit of full disclosure this hasn’t (yet) made me a millionaire. That was never really on my bucket list. What I wanted was an easier life and to live what’s left of it wherever I want – a sort of early semi-retirement at 50. What’s always been on my bucket list was a place by the sea, a comfortable income and more time to spend enjoying the countryside, taking photo’s, playing guitar and sitting in the sun with a good book and a glass of Laphroaig I can honestly say that all those boxes have been ticked.

I eventually found everything I needed – better late than never – in the form of a education and mentorship platform created by 2 ultra successful internet entrepreneurs. Over the last 3 years they have helped me create several online businesses. I also decided to become an affiliate partner, simply because they were exactly what I was looking for and have a vision I feel truly aligned with.

If the Internet lifestyle still sounds attractive to you but you’d rather not walk through the minefield alone, check them out. Click on the link below t meet co-founder Stuart Ross and to subscribe for their free 7 day video introduction series.

the internet lifestyle