The SFM Elite Curriculum Review

The SFM Elite

The SFM Elite – High Ticket Lifestyle 

The SFM Elite The SFM Elite curriculum – the affiliate training program of the Digital Experts Academy – has been in place for a while now. Some valuable additional resources have been added which I wanted to cover in this post.

SFM Elite is where the rubber meets the road as they say. Whilst a basic SFM membership offers the basics in terms of training and marketing systems, Elite is where things get serious. Serious in terms of advanced internet marketing training and high-ticket commissions.

2019 Update: Elite is now called Elite Influence. Fees and commissions are unchanged and the program is led by Justin Woolf 

As basic members you get everything you need to start selling affiliate products online including SFM basic membership packages. At Elite you are able to sell and earn much fatter commissions from their higher-level products. Logically enough the training also steps up a few gears. It concentrates on the advanced strategies used in selling high end products online.

Presently the SFM Elite curriculum offers 10 advanced training courses and includes a bi-weekly live mastermind with co-founder Stuart Ross. Recently these masterminds have been co-hosted by some of the company’s top affiliates.

The SFM Elite Curriculum Content

The SFM Elite The courses are in the form of recorded videos and webinars. They cover everything from the use of internet marketing tools to advanced Facebook marketing, video marketing and retargeting strategies.

Clicking on any of the main course headings such as – Google Marketing tools – opens the various sections within the module. There are between 10 and 15 mini modules in each. It’s a great way of learning in bite-sized chunks.

So the SFM Elite curriculum is pretty comprehensive. It’s also designed to be fir for all levels of previous experience from newbie to more experienced Internet marketer.

The SFM Elite curriculum begins with an overview of high-ticket affiliate marketing. It explains why almost everyone who creates profitable internet business has done so by learning to stay away from low end affiliate products. It’s worth going over that here.

It’s all about the front end and the back end. With the lower cost affiliate products the sales funnel tends to look like this: You get paid what looks like a tempting 50 – 100% commission on the front end sale. But these are often not much more than introductory products.

After you’ve earned a small commission the product owner goes on to market much higher value products to that customer. In effect you’ve gained them a potentially very valuable customer – but you’re out of the picture by then and won’t see any more commissions from the lifetime of that customer.

Bear in mind also that you will have marketing costs in getting those low end sales. In a way you are helping to pay the product owners marketing costs. You are helping to build their customer list even though you are locked out of the future profits from that list.

Why You Need to Be Thinking High Ticket

That’s the main reason for the high failure rate often quoted for this industry. Its quite simply choosing the wrong business model and products.

The SFM Elite is very different. When a basic SFM member upgrades to Elite or Elite+ they are given reseller rights to the full SFM and partner company DEA’s suite of high-ticket products.

With the SFM’s sales and business team handling all the sales, Elite affiliates are able to earn back end commissions as well as front end. Those commissions range from £1k to $8k per sale with built in residual income streams on top.

When you can earn commissions at that level you can afford a decent sized marketing budget to get them. That’s especially true when you see how well the SFM and DEA sales funnel – from application to Elite upgrade – works.

For anyone looking to get into online affiliate marketing I doubt there’s anything better on the market than this. The quality of products coupled with the training within the SFM Elite curriculum must make it the fastest route to high-ticket affiliate marketing available today.

Find out more about the SFM Elite curriculum and business options by grabbing their free introductory video series on the link below.

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