Too late To Start Your Online Business?

too late to start your online business? A woman looks through blinds a clock is superimposed to suggest something has been missed

If you think you have left it too late to start your online business don’t panic. It’s often said that the early adopters are the ones who reap the benefits of new ideas, technologies and trends. As someone who is often late to the party I’d argue that there are advantages to turning up late. 

When it comes to technology I purposefully wait till the party is in full swing and I seldom regret it. By the time I turn up the bugs have been ironed out. There is a wealth of experience already in place for me to benefit from. Lessons have been learned from mistakes I don’t need to make.

A good example of that is my very late adoption of “in the box” or computer based music recording. I didn’t get into that fully until a couple of years ago – long after retiring from my semi-pro music career. Rather than ploughing through dense workshop manuals as I did with my old hardware kit, I’ve learned the ropes through Youtube tutorials. I’ll admit I wish I’d done it sooner but am also glad that I’ve joined in when things are at a pretty advanced stage. 

I was also a late starter (though way earlier than many) in switching to the internet to earn my keep. When I first dipped a toe the waters were pretty murky and there were many get rich quick sharks looking for fresh blood. 

This is The Perfect Time To Start Your Online Business

Things are very different now and it is a fantastic time to start your online business. GRQ shark numbers have decreased substantially due to heavy compliance requirements. There are also a couple of decades of proof that online business models like affiliate marketing and e-commerce are sustainable. Between 2020 and 2021, for obvious reasons, more people than ever turned to them for their income. As a result internet sales grew 10 times more that they would have in an ordinary year.

So, as with music technology,  the internet business newbie has a wealth of amassed knowledge to explore.  Coming to this party late is actually a good thing. Plus of course, its not actually THAT late.  Compared to more traditional industries, the digital economy is still young. As they decline, it  soars ever higher. 

Another old saying tells us that knowledge is power. As a technology, idea or trend ages the store of knowledge about it grows. Like a fine wine it can be good to wait for that knowlege to mature and develop before uncorking it.  

As with the music stuff I mentioned, there is now a wealth of knowledge around starting and growing an onlne business. Not surprisingly the early adopters were in the US where IT giants like Microsoft, Apple, IBM and Google began. That’s where the commercial potential of the internet was first recognised.  There have been internet millionaires and gurus there for a lot longer than for example in the UK.

Where To Get Everything You Will Need

In 2013 i’d had my fill of short lived online biz opps, MLM and network marketing and started looking for valuable knowledge. I discovered a organisation founded by two successful internet entrepreneurs Stuart Ross from the Uk and Jay Kubassek from the US

These guys were from the early adopter brigade and had started in 2005 and 2008 respectively. They had individeually achieved great success as affiliate marketers. They had gone on to mentoring others and creating courses, systems and software. As pretty big names in a new industry they inevitably met at an industry event, hit it off and teamed up.

That was over 12 years ago. Their companies Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy now have students and affiliates in most countries. Recently they have added their own membership community platform: Mentors, an E-commerce platform: Import Xperts and a new fast track curriculum: Launch You. They have also added to their suite of tools and resources – Digital Business Lounge – teaming up with  the likes of Linked in learning, Beaver website builder and Convertri. 

Their expanding team of experts – many recruited from within the membership – have a vast store of knowledge and experience. If you are ready to start your online business and move yourself into the internet economy I’d thoroughly recommend doing it with these guys.

To find out more about the organisations above subscribe to their free introductory video series by clicking on the banner below.