Using the Facebook Power Editor – One Big Advantage

Using the Facebook Power Editor For Better CTR

using the Facebook Power Editor

Using the facebook power editor for placing and managing adverts on Facebook is the way to go if you are doing adverts on this already brilliant platform. I took a short course recently on how to use the Facebook power editor and found some great features that make it a much better interface. Here’s one area that makes a big difference..

Using the facebook power editor is not required for placing ads as the old system is still fully functional. It’s already a great platform for targeting audiences for ads, and for managing the ads and budgets but power editor provides lots more functionality.

Power editor is a plugin and to use it you need to be using Chrome as your browser. Installing it is a very simple process as is using it. Creating campaigns, ad sets and ads themselves is broadly similar to the standard set up too but the added features are a big improvement.

Using The Facebook Power Editor – “Dark” Posts 

Its commonly accepted that unless you are a big corporation, the right column ads are not very effective. For most marketers, the larger, less salesy news feed ads are a better bet. Using the facebook power editor for those gives you a big advantage, which I’ll explain.

News feed ads in the standard Facebook advertising platform does not allow you to make the images clickable. They rely on the image and copy to get prospects to click on a link in the text: If someone clicks on the image it simply opens in a larger “lightbox” window. This means that prospects still have to click again to get to your landing or sign up page.

When using the Facebook power editor though you can make the image clickable by setting it up as a “dark” post. Sounds sinister but it’s not. This simply means that you don’t need the ad to show on your page’s timeline as with the old system. You can set it up to only show on the newsfeeds of the audience you have defined.

This gives you the big advantage that clicks on the image or anywhere in the text area will take the clicker straight to your offer, landing page, or give away. A better click through rate is therefore pretty much guaranteed. This also impacts your advertising spend well as you are usually paying for clicks – any clicks.

Clickable Images Using The Facebook Power Editor

using the facebook power editorUsing the Facebook power editor as described means that clicks are not used up by simply opening the image in a larger window. This has to be good. Of course this also means that your landing pages better be good, but that should be the case anyway.

A further advantage of a better click through rate is that Facebook likes your ads to perform well. They reward advertisers who’s ads seem to be popular by reducing the cost paid per click.

I’ve concentrated on this one feature of using the facebook power editor. There has already been a lot written on all the other features. You need to also bear in mind that Power Editor is a beta platform. It’s’ subject to change at any time and all sorts of other features are planned.

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