Viddyoze Animation Review

When Viddyoze 3d animation software came on to the market it looked like a dream come true for me. I’d been doing video marketing for various products and for end clients for a while and was really feeling the need to “spice things up”. Viddyoze looked like the perfect solution to my problem. Was it? Lets find out.

Most video editing programmes do offer some nice transitions, text options and even Chroma key possibilities. 3D animations and live action sequences however are a different matter.

They’re costly to outsource and have a steep learning curve if you decide to do it yourself. I learned a long time ago to stay focussed on my objective: To produce videos that get results. I don’t want to be a full time video editor. Videos are a means to an end for me and although I quite enjoy the process, anything that speeds it up is a bonus. If at the same time it can make the videos better with improved engagement then I’m interested.

That’s what Viddyoze 3d animation software does in a nutshell.

Who Is Viddyoze For?

So just after it launched I grabbed an early bird offer and have used it ever since. Here’s the low down on how it works and why it just might be the answer to your prayers.

Its for anyone producing video on a budget. Although you could produce entire videos using Viddyoze its more likely you’ll use it enhance videos you are already making. You’ll probably have a basic grasp of video editing on platforms like Screenflow, Camtasia, Imovie or similar.  

What the Viddyoze team – an experienced group of animators, videographers and marketers – have done is very clever. They’ve built a cloud-based system where you can customise and download pro quality video clips and animations.

The clips fit into a number of categories: Live action scenes involving actors in various scenes; Animated titles featuring logo stings, transitions, overlays and backgrounds. All of which can be customised to suit your own brand and message. You can play with text, colours, images and music (on or off basically)

Ever had quotes for live filming or custom animations? Trust me they can be eye watering.

Viddyoze 3d animation software is both quicker and way less expensive.

What You Get

When launched Viddyoze offered a package deal where you could access a set number of clips for life. You could also and still can join their template club and access all their new animations for a monthly fee. Since then they’ve changed the offer slightly and have added an agency element where you can buy single clips for one off use. Check the links in the post for up to date pricing options.

If you haven’t watched my full video demo above or prefer to read then here’s how it works.

Screenshot of Viddyoze 3d animations opening page which shows the varies clip categories to choose from

You log in to your Viddyoze account. You then choose from a wide range of template clips, animations and so on. A preview runs on each when you hover your mouse over it. When you find one you like and that will work with your video project you simply select it.

Screenshot of Viddyoze clip editor window. Shows the customisation options available for selected video clips. In this case a human eye which opens to reveal a logo

That takes you to a new page where you can customise the clip. A bigger preview shows here which changes as you adjust colours, text and images. Colours can be adjusted with standard colour picker tools or by inputting colour codes if you know them. There are brief guidelines in the preview window pertaining to minimum images sizes, text length and so on.

When it’s all looking good in the live preview you just hit render. You get a progress bar which you can either stare at till its done or put the kettle on and wait for the email you’ll be sent with the download link. Downloading is usually pretty quick but can take a few minutes. There could be thousands of active Viddyoze users rendering clips at the same time as you are. This can slow things down but not usually for very long.

How Fast Does Viddyoze Render Clips?

Early glitches that sometimes meant long waits or freezes to take place seem to have been ironed out. This is pretty common with brand new software releases, as those of us who work on computers know.

screenshot of Viddyoze 3d animated clip being rendered live prior to being downloaded.

Soon you’ll see your shiny new clip in all its glory ready to use and yours to keep. Its worth mentioning that unlike many shop bought clips – especially from the likes of Fiverr – these clips are fully licensed to you with no usage limits.

Now its just a matter of popping them into or on top of the relevant part of your video in your favourite editor. These are mp4. Or .mov clips which work with most editors.

Still images don’t really do Viddyoze 3D animation software justice. I’ve used a random selection of them in my video above if you want to see them. The intro logo, the clapperboard at the start, a title sequence and a couple of transitions and overlays were all created and downloaded as I edited. The green screen stuff is my own.

Should You Buy Viddyoze?

I have to say that I am a big fan. There are lots of video tools appearing on the market. I recently reviewed Content Samurai for example. It’s also great but geared more toward non-editors. Viddyoze is more suited to video makers who would otherwise have been buying clips and animations on the open market. Those are as previously mentioned expensive and are not customiseable.

I also love the fact that it’s cloud-based as will most Macbook users. There’s no software to take up valuable space and your clips are stored in your account. If you ever want to use them again you can simply re-download them.

The huge uptake of Viddyoze is evidence in itself that its creators have recognised a big gap in the market. The volume of positive feedback it has garnered is a great indicator of it’s value.

As I mentioned at the top there are now a number of purchase options for viddyoze. They are essentially based on how many clips you use. For current prices and options including the optional template club visit the link below.

Banner image of a computer whoes screen features a excited looking young woman working on her laptop. Text on top reads - Incredible video animations. Clicking on the image links to Viddyoze sales page