A Different View Of The Online Home Based Business

home based business

A strange phenomenon has visited Glasgow today – from distant memory it’s called sunshine (of sorts) so as soon as the battery on my trusty Canon is charged I’m off to shoot some video.  The subject will be the sheer scale of opportunity that the Internet offers and why starting a home based business is now a very realistic option to the 9-5 hamster wheel.

I will be shooting the video from the flagpole area in Queens Park which offers a panoramic view of Glasgow.  Possibly a risky strategy given that a friend of mine knew a guy who was chased around this park in broad daylight by a man wielding a sword, but you only live once – which is sort of the point of the video I plan to shoot.  A life changing move like starting a home based business on the internet is after all in line with that statement.

The Online Home Based Business Viewed Through A Bigger Screen

From my vantage point I want to make the point that we view the Internet through tiny little portals – the screens on our computers, tablets and phones. My thoughts are that when we view something as incomprehensibly vast as the Internet by these methods it can lead to us taking it for granted.  We lose the overview that the Internet represents billions of connections between us and also incredible, life changing opportunity.

By looking at a city from a height we can (I hope) get some sense of the scale of this communication – even from a relatively small city (just under 600K inhabitants) in a small country.  If I had a space ship I could pan out from there and view Glasgow becoming a tiny part of a tiny island which would become a speck in an ocean lapping against much bigger land masses and populations – most of whom are connected by the internet.

Which Home Based Business? – Take Your Pick!

My point is that when you think of it that way you can see that all these connections are people – billions of them (us) All these people have problems that need solving, things they want to achieve, things they want to buy, and the internet is where a large portion of us go to fulfil these needs. All of these needs represent possibilities for a home  based business online and this business can be run from any point we can connect to the web.

Now all of these people are looking for different things so it would be pointless to start a home based business without a clear idea of which particular problem, need or want that business would address. That’s where internet marketing comes in. It’s really the art and science of identifying specific needs and the people who have them. One size does not fit all.

Luckily though there are ways and means (again thanks to the internet) that we can do this. We make our needs, wants and problems known on social networking platforms, forums, blogs, classified ads and a host of other platforms.

Problems Are A Home Business Opportunity

Going back to my view of the city – some of these people want kettles, ipads, big screen TV’s and other products. When they go to internet to buy them there is an opportunity for a home based business to earn commissions. Some of these people want to get fit, live healthier lives, meet people – again, opportunity.

Other people are online looking for ways to start a home based business online – actually approx. 50 million per month worldwide – they need to learn the skills to do that. Ironically this also presents a viable and quite noble home based business opportunity too.

Home based business

So to sum up – my little snapshot of a city within a county within a world aims to offer a bigger picture of the online world that is all around us. It’s a world we often see through a small screen but it’s a very, very big world indeed, and it’s getting bigger everyday.  Learning how to leverage this second world makes it possible to create a home based business that offers huge income potential, satisfaction and a lifestyle that we could really only dream of until quite recently.

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P.S. Damn – It’s started raining !