Weird Attitudes To Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising. Pro’s and Cons of  Promoted Posts

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People’s powers of misconception never fail to amaze me. This time its about some comments that I found on one of my Facebook advertising promoted posts from a couple of people who had either not read the content properly or are just irrevocably jaundiced against ideas they don’t understand or like. The scary thing is that before banning these people from commenting again – I don’t mind opinions but I do mind obscenity and aggression – I checked their profiles and one was a University lecturer.

Another thing that amused me was that one of these guys (the lecturer) ended his rant with words to the effect of – “get rid of this type of scummy Facebook advertising” – yeah, but swearing at people and calling them names is Ok?? Lol!

Affiliate Marketing – Strange Misconceptions

So what was the advert – actually a promoted post that you can of course choose not to read? It was actually a long post by Stuart Ross, co-founder of the SFM explaining the benefits in affiliate marketing of concentrating on promoting high-ticket products. As far as I was aware selling things is still legal…..In fact isn’t the basis of the capitalist society we have chosen to live in?

I also think I’m right in saying that affiliate marketing is an established method of selling goods and services online. All it actually is is the earning of commissions by promoting someone else’s goods and or services. Digital marketing then, of which social media  like Facebook advertising is an increasingly important part, is how customers are made aware of these goods and services.  So why is it that people feel the need to comment on online adverts that they don’t like? – just because they can? I guess so.

It is one factor of the freedom the internet and particularly social media allows us as a society and it’s a freedom I welcome – luckily it cuts both ways. As the advertiser paying money for people to read my posts in this instance I accept that people can post negatively if they choose to – they have to accept also that I have the freedom to simply delete their comments and ban them from making any more.

We do all know that the internet has it’s fair share of dodgy deals but so has the offline world for pity sake….. Banks ??? er hello…. ! There is definitely a category of person though who has decided that anyone who promotes any kind of Internet based business is inherently a criminal or dodgy dealer of some kind. These aren’t all stupid people or flat earth thinkers either but its baffling to me that in a world where some of the biggest businesses in it are internet based (Facebook itself being a case in point) people can still have such a closed mindset.

Why Object to Facebook Advertising?

In fact I bet some of these people quite happily shop online regularly. What if they suddenly realized that by doing so they might be lining the pockets of an affiliate marketer??? The very thought ! People making money by selling things ! whatever next?? Objecting to facebook marketing is also kind of weird if its from the – Social media is not for business – point if view since social networks like Facebook make billions from advertising…

Facebook marketing

If you are going to take the time to read a 600 word post about something you are obviously the kind of person who understands due diligence after all. Even if it were possible to join SFM thinking it was some sort of golden goose, magic bullet internet “thing” that would make you money for doing nothing, you would soon be put right with your application phone call. SFM don’t want you I’m afraid if you actually think that making money online is just a matter of buying a magic bean or closely guarded secret.

At the end of the day people ar entitled to their opinions. For my part I am proud of the things I choose to promote  within what is becoming the world’s biggest industry. Facebook advertising is just method of doing so. Every industry has its bad guys and the internet or digital economy is no different. The challenge for the digital marketer is convey honestly and value to a sometimes-sceptical market but we don’t have to take crap about it on Facebook ! LOL

If you would actually like to take an open-minded look at what the SFM do in terms of digital marketing training and affiliate marketing you can get some free videos sent to your inbox by clicking the link below.

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